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Office Manager Resume to land a job with no experience 

An office manager is like a captain of a ship so that you have to have certain skills and capabilities to ensure that you are the proper candidate to apply for this job position. Gaining this purpose, you can write an office manager resume that will introduce your qualities even if you have no experience.

The office manager’s resume idea is useful because this resume will guide you to make a proper document to show your qualities. The description in this piece of paper will give information for the employer that you are the top candidate to fill the job position.

Example of Office Manager Resume

To facilitate your writing this resume, you need to pay attention to the following sample that will guide you to write the proper resume without any difficulties. Here is an example of the resume.

John Rennes

Personal info

Phone: (777)-771-7723

Email: rennesjohn672@gmail.com


An office manager with 7+ years of experience providing administrative support to up to 60 staff members. Adept at organizing meetings, managing inventory, training and supervising staff, and implementing office processes and procedures that expedite work and significantly save costs.


Office manager

Express, Inc. California, June 2017 – present

  • Managed schedules, organizing office functions, and oversaw the daily operation of the office with 5 employees
  • Hire, trained, and on-boarded over 10 new employees, providing initial support that expedited staff assimilation by 20%
  • Improved paperless environment by implementing an online system to manage data, process orders, and integrate processes

Office assistant

THZ, Inc. California, September 2015 – April 2017

  • Prepared daily, weekly, and monthly reports, and updated calendar of appointments
  • Did basic accounting function such as cash reconciliations and wire transfers
  • Found and rectified erroneous vendor billing, saving $1.5 K in potential costs
  • Responded, screened, and redirected an average of 30 telephone calls with professional efficacy

How to create an office manager resume                           

To make the office manager resume format impressive, you need some tips to apply when you are writing the resume. Gaining this purpose, here are some of the tips to follow to write a well-written resume.

  • Remember to include the technical skills on your resume because it is important to use for office equipment such as photocopiers and printers
  • Make your resume getting professional profile your opening by giving the potential hiring manager a reason to continue reading your resume
  • Target your professional experience by backing up the claims you made in your professional profile with examples from your professional experience
  • Apply some action verbs for this resume including answered, created, integrated, prepared, and so forth

People also ask 

Your resume will be great if you can include some important skills on the office manager resume design idea. In this part, you can follow some skills below to ensure the employer about your qualities.

1) Detail-oriented because it will help you to stay organized and focused

2) Team-oriented because it is responsible for the upkeep of entire workplaces

3) Budgeting relating to a set budget and stick to it can let a potential employer

4) Microsoft office suite and you should have a good email etiquette

5) Data entry will be a strong technical skill to include because it will demonstrate your knowledge of computer

How do I write an office manager resume?

Besides, you also need to know the way to arrange this resume well to make the recipient understand your template. In this idea, you can follow some ideas below to make your resume impressive. Here are some of the ideas to follow:

1) You need to choose the ideal format for your resume. In this idea, you can select the chronological resume because it will show off your office management skills and accomplishment well

2) Begin your resume off on the right foot with a professional profile

3) Apply the resume with action verbs such as manage, coordinated, and performed to show off

4) Provide your professional certification and licenses to get an edge over other candidates

5) Find a place to incorporate all the necessary office management job skills

Kinds of office manager resume

You will find some types of this office manager resume format design that will help you to get the best resume suitable for your job position. Here are some of the types for this resume.

Financial office manager resume

This resume is good for you who want to apply for financial office manager. The resume is simple but it shows the best arrangement that will make your resume interesting to read. The resume shows the best technical skills that pertain to your capacity to work with computers and other office-related devices.

Law office manager resume

Since it is a law office manager, it provides an impression that is different from a common resume. The resume emphasizes the analytical skills that are needed under certain circumstances. You also need to include relevant experience in this resume to ensure the people as well.

Real estate office manager resume

The type of this resume will be the best idea for you who want to be a real estate office manager. The resume has management skills that relate to your overall capacity to run office with attention to administrative tasks, personnel management, and social interactions.

Office manager resume example 

The example of the resume will guide you to write the proper template without any difficulties. The resume is also customizable and editable so that you can make the resume as easy as possible. When you open this resume example, you can begin to edit all sections by filing your personal information.

Non-profit Office manager resume

The resume will emphasize showcasing your experience on a resume. The resume will present your work experience in a chronological manner. You also can provide complete details such as the name of the company that you were previously affiliated with, your designation, and the duration.

Those ideas will be useful for you to arrange the proper Office manager resume. You only need to concisely elaborate on your relevant work details that will ensure the people about your capabilities as well.

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