CNA Cover Letter Examples, Responsibilities, And Duties

Being a certified nurse assistant brings different responsibilities which are under the registered nurse (RN). If you are planning to apply for this position, make sure you write your relevant skills and experience. On this page, we will discuss a little bit about the CNA Cover letter example, the CNA’s requirements, and responsibilities.


What Are The Responsibilities Of A Certified Nursing Assistant?

The certified nurse assistant provides care for patients with terrible diseases which causes them unable to do easy tasks. Generally, this nurse will take care of patients who are injured, ill, disabled, and infirm. Most importantly, the CNA performs duties for patients who need comfort and in the recovery process.

What Are The Specific Duties Of A CNA Cover Letter?

Some of the specific duties to be performed by the CNA are as follow:

  • Repositioning the patients.
  • Monitor the patient’s development such as blood pressure, temperatures, and other vital signs.
  • Documenting any data obtained from the observation and then report any issues to the nurse.
  • Help the patients eat, and measure the food and drink intake.
  • Take care of the patients’ room from cleaning the rooms, lines, dressing wounds, gathering supplies, bathing, combing, shaving until doing stocking supplies.
  • Helping performing medical procedures.

The Difference Between RN and CNA

Becoming an RN requires a two-year of education in the science of nursing. The curriculum is designed to learn science-based knowledge. After graduating, they still need to get certification and must pass the national test to earn the licensure. The career is offered are rehabilitation nurse, neonatology nurse, cardiovascular nurse, and public health nurse.

Meanwhile, the CNA after graduating can become the nurse assistant that provides basic cared for patients such as bathing, eating, and moving around. Typically they work in some nursing assistant services like local hospital, retirement home, and in-home.

The CNA Cover Letter Examples

Dear Director of Nursing:

I am very excited to apply as a certified nurse assistant at ABC Clinic. I have graduated from XYZ with a 3.65-grade point average. I have also performed at ZZZ Voc Hospital and passed my certification. I got an offer from the ZZZ hospital but I prefer to be close to my hometown which is ABC Clinic. It will help me to work effectively and do my best for the people in my hometown. I have decided that I want to dedicate my career to the people here.

I am willing to work in shift and follow some training in an immediate care facility in the ABC Clinic. Besides, it has been a long time I dream about working in this hospital. I was hospitalized here when I was 9 years old due to injuries. I was amazed to be treated so well. At that time, I decided that I want to be a nurse.

I hope you will give me a chance and see my potentials. I am very excited because this is my first career serving people. If you want to discuss this, please don’t hesitate to contact me at (555)666-777 or by email at Thank you very much!


Yours Sincerely,


Karina Kadav




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