Guide To Write A Legal Assistant Cover Letter Along With The Example

Whenever you want to apply for a position for a job, it would be better if you do not only submit your resume. You have to explain more about yourself in a concise introduction through a letter which is called a cover letter. This legal assistant cover letter along will mean for your employer to get to know you before preparing an interview for the candidate who deserves the job position.


What Is A Legal Assistant?

It is an occasion where the performer is qualified by education who usually working under an attorney, law office, or any law firm to help them finish some cases which they are obliged. Being legal assistance not only limited to people who finish their studies in a law subject, but there are many active legal assistance who had titles which not in line with this job. Aside, it really depends on your training or work experience when you are wanted to be legal assistance.

What Are The Duties Of A Legal Assistant?

A good legal assistant will help the lawyer who employed them by doing a variety of tasks such as study the case, conduct research, drafting and compiling documents, and many more. A legal assistant can also be the one who interviewed the client to get beneficial information that can help them in court. The important skill needed to be a legal assistant are the person should be oriented in detail and highly organized, moreover would be a great addition if a legal assistant also fluent in verbal communication that can dig deeper information from the client.

How To Write An Outstanding Legal Assistant Cover Letter?

Describe your positive value in the letter which supports your behalf in writing this letter. Write the letter in a polite way which should be in proper language, good grammar, and spelling form to show your sincerity about your desire in this position. Bring as much as possible relevant information about yourself and stay positive in writing this letter.

A Legal Assistant Cover Letter ‘s Example

Dear Human Resources Director,

I am writing this letter on behalf of my desire in applying for a legal assistant position at VVX Law Firm. I have worked for the past 5 years in CCX Law Firm and experience in handled many cases. I have assisted our lawyer on many occasions such as custody, bankruptcy, divorce, and many more. I optimistic would be an excellent help in your law firm and would put my best effort into finishing the task.

I earned my Bachelor of English Literature from — University in —, — in 2008. I already earned my Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) which I earned through the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). I would be pleased if you considered my resume for the Legal Assistant position at VVX Law Firm and looking forward to a direct interview with the concerned. I truly enjoyed my position and work in my current law firm, but I decided to move to the next level and digging more experience in the VVX Law Firm.

I am available for flexible time if you want to discuss more this matter and I would respond as soon as possible. You could contact me at (123)-123-1234 or by email at and I hope you will review these files and consider me a worthy candidate to go to an interview.


Jennifer Holy, CLA

May this article can help you in better understanding a legal assistant cover letter. Do not hesitate to custom it as much as you want. Good luck!




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