How To Write A Professional HR Representative Cover Letter?

One of the great positions in a company is joining the HR department. Working in the HR department also has a very important role in the company because it is directly related to employees. If you are qualified to work together in the HR department, you will need to write an appropriate cover letter. In this article, we will invite you to review several things about HR administrators and how to write a suitable HR representative cover letter.


What Is Human Resource in A Company?

Human Resource is an important part of a corporate organization. If you apply for this position, you will have the opportunity to work with people to form the workforce within the company. Before joining Human Resource Management, you must pay attention to several important elements.

One of them is knowing several foundations that you must master, you have mastered the areas of employee selection and recruitment, employee performance management, employee learning and development, employee benefits and compensation, and employee data.

What Are The Responsibilities Of An HR Representative?

Here are some of the responsibilities that you must do as an HR representative:

  • Provide accurate answers to employee questions about salary, benefits, and compensation in their administration
  • Post job vacancies, select potential employees and conduct interviews
  • Describe the roles and duties of the new employee
  • Maintain all job applications that the company has received
  • Provide recommendations regarding the importance of recruiting new employees
  • Keep all employee data safe
  • Gather all documents related to employees

How To Write A Good Cover Letter?

Explain the reasons you applied for the job, also express why you feel worthy and match the required qualifications. Also, you can write about your work experience (if any), as well as the achievements you have received. Don’t forget to say thank you at the end of your HR representative cover letter as a form of polite closing.

HR Representative Cover Letter Sample

Here is an example of a brief cover letter that you can use as inspiration:

Dear Mr. Daniel Jeffrey,

I would like to express my interest in working for an HR Representative position at First Corporation. I have read all the qualifications you choose and I believe I can fulfill them all.

I have had 5 years of work experience in the Personnel Department in Texas. While working, I was able to comply with all applicable labor laws. I also never missed work or came late to work.

I can increase job vacancies and recruit employees for the required positions. I have several tips for conducting good interviews so that I can find a qualified employee. I also have good abilities in building relationships with colleagues, I can work individually and in teams.

I believe that I can do my best for the company. I have attached a letter of recommendation for your consideration. Thank you for reading my application.

Please call me at (444)-4422-222 for my interview.



Karen Michelle

Enclosure: – Resume

– Letters of reference

All in all, a good HR representative cover letter is written neatly and according to the cover letter format in general. Hope our brief explanation above can help you a lot in writing your letter.


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