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Cosmetology Resume to land the first job

Joining cosmetology will be the best idea for you who want to get a good job position. Gaining this purpose, you can arrange a cosmetology resume. This resume will be useful because it will introduce your capabilities and qualities so that it can ensure the people about your performance.

You need to understand that this cosmetology resume idea will be needed whether you are an amateur or a professional looking for this job in the beauty industry. A good resume will take you a step forward in your career growth. Because of that, you have to arrange this resume properly.

The example of a cosmetology resume

To facilitate your writing this resume, you can read the following example. The sample will guide you to arrange the proper resume without any difficulties.

Jane Clarkson

Personal info

Phone: (777)-888-666

Email: clarksonjane23@gmail.com


A certified cosmetologist with 5+ years of experience providing beauty solutions to clients such as hair, skin, and nail solutions. Besides, providing quality advice on cosmetic and beauty product use so that I aspire to leverage my record of high-quality customer service.



Hair and Body’s Sister beauty, New York/ April 2019 – present

  • Schedule client appointments
  • Examine clients’ hair, skin, and nails, and suggest high-quality hair, skincare, and nail treatment options
  • Develop and apply new hairstyles and beauty treatments
  • Perform laser procedures for diverse clients needed


Happy and Beauty, New York/ June 2015 – January 2019

  • Did facials, cut, styled, and dyed hair
  • Did manicures and pedicures and shaped facial hair such as beards, mustache, eyebrows, and eyelashes
  • Removed hair from a problematic location
  • Promoted consumer products such as shampoos, conditioners, and so forth



Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, 2013- 2014

Key skills 

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Strong communication
  • Service orientation
  • Product recommendation
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Aesthetic laser use
  • Creativity
  • Empathy and listening skills


  • Spanish
  • French
  • English

How to create a cosmetology resume

To create this cosmetology resume design, you need to pay attention to some ideas that will make your resume interesting and easy to read. Gaining this purpose, you can follow some ideas below to make it great.

  • You need to include relevant work experience if any
  • Your resume also need to show your attitude and character
  • Show your attitude and character well
  • Make your resume clear and concise because it will take a chance of catching the eyes of the employer
  • Include many ways to communicate with you so that you will not be missed out on any important details

How do I write a cosmetology resume?

Your cosmetology resume template idea will be great if you understand some tips to make it great. With some simple tips below, your resume will be great to understand. Here are some of the tips to follow:

1) Focus on what potential employers actually do because this industry is so diverse so that you have to tailor your resume to the company you are applying to

2) Use a resume objective or summary to showcase your value. You can write this idea only with a three-sentence statement by mentioning your experiences, certification, and your contribution

3) Demonstrate your professional versatility and provide the proof because it will allow you to advertise what you have achieved in the past

4) Highlight your specific area of specialization so that it will captivate the recruiter’s eyes

What skills do you need for a cosmetology resume?

If you want to join a cosmetology program, you need to have certain skills that will make your qualities impressive. Gaining this purpose, you need to have some skills below on your resume:

1) Innovativeness and creativity

2) Cosmetology education and good customer service

3) Time management and good grooming habits

4) Trend awareness and physically fit

5) Familiarity with product

Kinds of cosmetology resume

Besides, you also will find many types for this cosmetology resume template design that will help you to select the proper one for your job position. With this idea, you will get a satisfactory resume suitable for your needs.

Cosmetology student resume template 

This resume is suitable for you who is an aspiring student. The resume will be great because it is set into the open world with a desire to carve out a place in the beauty industry. It will guide you to make the resume impressive.

Cosmetology instructor resume template 

If you are an expert in this job position, this resume is properly for you. The resume provides support and knowledge to those budding stylish and it also will build an instructor resume that sells best in the market.

Entry-level cosmetology resume

The resume is good for you who are young beauticians and you want your career getting growth. The resume is simple but it will create an equally astonishing one that will put you right where you are desire. Therefore, you have to make it impressive with your capabilities and skills.

Cosmetology graduate resume

This resume is specialized in cosmetology so that you can showcase your acquired accomplishment since the tenure and secure a job. The resume is also one of the best ways to develop a splendid resume so that it will give you more advantages to land a job.

Professional cosmetology resume

It is a good resume especially when you want to put all your well-acquired artistry. This resume also will showcase your excellent skill set in a resume. Besides, since it is a professional one, it contains relevant work experience and it will show your attitude and character as well.

Sample cosmetology resume

This resume sample will guide you to arrange the proper template. You only need to make your template impressive by including your skills, capabilities, and also relevant experience to ensure the recipient about your qualities as well.

Because of that, you should not worry if you have no idea to arrange this cosmetology resume. You will have many references to arrange this resume. Since it has many types of resumes you can select one of the types suitable for your job position to apply for.


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