10+ Education Curriculum Vitae Template


Education Curriculum Vitae Template to land for job 

If you are interested in the educational field to work in, you can write an education curriculum vitae template that will ensure the people about your qualities. This resume is simple but it will influence the way people looking at your capabilities and qualities to work.

This education curriculum vitae template format is usually used by candidates who want to practice their expertise in the field of education. Mostly, this CV sample is useful for professional work applicants that are into teaching, guidance counseling, and academic training.

The example of an education curriculum vitae template

To inspire you to write this CV, you can follow the following sample that will guide you to arrange the proper template without any difficulties.

Martha Kent

Personal info

Phone: (777)-889-9932

Email: kentmartha43@gmail.com


Proactive lecturer and researcher with 8+ years of experience teaching courses on undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Supervised 22 BA theses, 9 MA theses, and Ph.D. dissertations. Published over 30 articles in peer-review journals.

Research Experience 

American University, Department Biology, Washington, DC, April 2018- present

  • Help professor Alex as a Biologist in original research on retinas of arachnids
  • Conducted spectrophotometry and entered all data in SPSS
  • Set up all laboratory equipment and maintained a safe laboratory environment

National Institute of Health, National Cancer Institute, New York City, January 2016 – March 2018

  • Help post-doctoral researcher in dissecting specimens
  • Conduct resections and analyzed enzyme absorption in tissue
  • Cataloged all data utilizing proprietary statistical software

Teaching experience 

A lecturer in University of America, January 2017 – present

Teaching assistant in the University of New York, June 2015 – December 2016


American University, Washington, DC.

Bachelor of Science in Biology, Magna Cum Laude, May 2011

University of California

Master of Science in Biology, June 2014

Honor and awards

  • University honor program
  • Dean’s scholarship $10.000 per year
  • Robert Mathias Research conference: Best Presentation in the Science

Key skills

  • Fully proficient
  • Advanced
  • Extracurricular University activities
  • Media Coverage
  • Capable to work in the group
  • Full-time researcher
  • Attention to detail

How to create an education curriculum vitae template

To make your education curriculum vitae template idea impressive to read, you need to pay attention to the step and some points in this resume. You can look at the following ideas below to make your resume impressive.

  • You can begin to set one-inch margins on all four sides and write Curriculum Vitae at the top
  • You can pick one CV font and stick to it. The standard font for CV is like Arial, Times New Roman, and Georgia
  • Apply 11 – 12 pt font size for all content and 13- 16 pt for section heading and your name
  • Set the single line spacing and put an extra space before and after every heading
  • Remember to put all relevant academic details and make your academic CV as long as it needs to be

What are some academic curriculum vitae tips?

You will need some tips to make this education curriculum vitae template design idea impressive. Here are some of the tips that will make your CV interesting to read.

1) You can tailor an academic CV suitable to the job description template and the specification

2) You also need to highlight your academic achievement

3) Avoid using jargon and apply clear and apply easy vocabulary

4) Include at least three academic references to support your application and do not include skills and interest that are not unrelated

How to develop an education curriculum vitae?

To develop your own CV, you also need to follow some ideas below that will make the template different from others. Here are some of the ideas to follow:

1) You need to write your CV with your full name, phone number, and your email address as your contact information

2) Writing a summary statement is also important because it will highlight the reason why you are the best candidate for the company

3) Employment history by a listing of your previous work experience including the designation and the date covered

4) Licenses and certification and professional affiliations by mentioning any affiliations that you are involved in that

Kinds of an education curriculum vitae template

You also will find some types of education curriculum vitae template format design that will be suitable for your job position. Here are some types of the template that will make your recipient interesting to read.

Graduate school education curriculum vitae

This CV is interesting because it looks good for you to use as a reference in creating an education CV. The CV also will help you to assure that your format is designed well in a formal manner. This template will show an educational background very well.

Short education CV

This template is simple but it will influence the readers about your template. Moreover, you also need to ensure that you will include your experience in teaching that includes academic institutions where you have taught.

Sample education curriculum vitae template

The sample will guide you to arrange the proper CV without any difficulties. you only need to pay attention to the experience and the detailed information in this CV so that the recipient will understand your template very well.

Education and unemployment CV

The CV will give focus on your knowledge and familiarity with different teaching systems and also the education process. The template also will show clear academic qualifications and achievements so that you need to highlight both of them to ensure the recipient about your quality.

Teacher curriculum vitae

You can check out this CV that will help you to apply for a teacher. The template will highlight your research, teaching experience, grants, seminars, and workshops you had taken part in to ensure the recipient as well. You also need to ensure that you have academic records ready on your CV.

With those ideas, you will get more advantages when you want to arrange an education curriculum vitae template. You can select one of the types of this template that will lead you to arrange the proper template. You also need to pay attention to detail to make your resume impressive.




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