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Animator Resume to land the first job

Animator has a great demand in the advertising industry because it has special skills that will interest people in the advertising. Therefore, if you want to work as an animator, you need to arrange an animator resume. This resume will be useful because it will showcase your capabilities as well.

When you are writing this animator resume format, you need to pay attention to the educational qualification especially when you have no experience. Moreover, you also need to include any other sort of technical experience as well to ensure the recipient about your qualities.

The example of an animator resume

To inspire you to write this resume, you can follow the sample below that will guide you to arrange the proper resume without any difficulties. Here is the sample:

Rudy Felix

Personal info

Phone: (555)-888-8876

Email: felixrudy56@gmail.com


A creative and collaborative cinematic animator with 5+ years of experience working on ZTY titles in a deadline-driven environment. Desire to support Konami with superb animation and problem-solving skills in its mission to send bleeding-edge mature games.


3D animator

ZTE, San Francisco, April 2018 – present

  • Make high-quality animation assets with low turnover time
  • Prepared keyframe animation assets and mobcap materials
  • Animated bi- and quadruple characters as well as other organic and inorganic forms
  • Work together with functional teams with game designers and programmers

Character animator

Epic Game, San Francisco, June 2016 – January 2018

  • Made stunning, responsive, cinematic animators for 3+ ZTE titles
  • Worked closely with the design team to create an immersive cinematic experience
  • Implemented, troubleshot, and debugged animation systems
  • Work together with the art, engineering, and design team to define the animation project


Bachelor of Art, Character animation

Art college of film/ video

2011 – 2015

Key skills 

  • Animation principles
  • Dynamic posing and Maya
  • 3D math skills and C++
  • Unreal engine
  • Analytical skills
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Critical thinking and communication


  • German
  • Spanish

How to create an animator resume

Your resume will be impressive if you understand the tips to make this animator resume idea. Gaining this purpose, you can follow some tips below to make your resume easy to read.

  • Your resume needs to stand out from others for the employer to take notice
  • You also can include a couple of graphic design of your own to impress the recipient
  • You need to ensure that you incorporate a couple of 3D images in your resume
  • You can advance further later on using this opportunity as a springboard

How do I write an animator resume?

To write the animator resume design, you have to understand the steps to make this resume impressive. Here are some steps to follow to make your resume interesting.

1) Select the best format for your animator resume

2) Write an animator summary because it is a fantastic choice for a candidate with at least 2 years of experience

3) Make the perfect animator job description for a resume

4) Create your animator resume education section move

5) Remember to highlight your animator skills

What should I include on an animator resume?

Moreover, you also need to include some items to make your resume interesting. Here are some of the items to include in your resume.

1) You need to include personal detail about the individual to give detail information about you to the recipient.

2) Include the educational qualifications, technical expertise, work experience, awards, and recognitions

3) The resume should be a tasteful one with graphic design because it will make your recipient interesting to read

4) Ensure that you incorporate unique design and not copy it from somewhere else

Kinds of an animator resume

Furthermore, the animator resume template design also has many types that can be selected as your resume suitable for your job position. Here are some of the kinds of the resume.

Character animator resume

The resume has an impressive design because it is one such specialist post. The resume also will be the eligible candidate that can use the simple character animator resume that will display the worth to the world.

Professional animator resume

The resume is impressive because it has opportunities galore in any growing field. This resume is also better off to refer to the professional animator resume. This resume will highlight the achievement in a better manner.

Flash animator resume template 

This resume is the latest trend in vogue so that you need to pay attention to this resume. This resume has tremendous scope for flash animators in various industries. This resume also will include the skills in the flash animator resume.

3D character animator resume template 

This resume is impressive and it is in great demand with an organization in many fields seeking their services. This resume also has a place of fame in the advertising industry as well and this resume should refer to this resume template to improve his existing resume.

3D animator resume

This is the age of 3D technology and films so that this resume will be a tremendous demand in the market. The resume shows that it has a well-crafted 3D animator resume and it will enable you to land the right assignment.

2D animator resume template 

The type of this resume is impressive because it has a great demand in the visual media today. This resume is also for the eligible candidate that can refer to the 2D animator resume. The resume will be perfect for their own resumes. It can prove beneficial to them in the end.

Animator fresher resume template 

This resume is suitable for the student just emerging from a visual media training college. This resume serves as a perfect guide because it shows detailed information on the resume. This resume can be the beginning of a great career in animation that will make it impressive.

With this business industry is growing field, the animator resume will be the best idea for you to land this job position. You should not worry if you never arrange this resume because you can select the proper example to make your resume impressive to read.



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