19+ Recommendation Letter Template Example for Functional Use

Having different kinds of recommendation letter example can be quite handy and useful, especially if you are required to write such a recommendation letter. Not many people know that recommendation letter comes in various types and models, including academic and employment letter. Based on the different types of letters, there are different formats and elements included in the letter. If you know the difference, you can come up with different outcome without compromising the quality of the contents.


About Recommendation Letter in General

Despite the differences of the letter, the letter has one shared similarity: it is used to vouch a person about his/her expertise, personal qualities, and professional abilities. Whether you are an academic professor or a former supervisor asked to write such a letter, you need to know the basic structure of the letter. Yes, the letter is based on your personal experience and interaction with the person being recommended, but it doesn’t mean that you can jumble everything on a piece of paper and blabber your experience with the person. You can say that writing such a letter can be challenging, so the recommendation letter example can be a good guidance.

The Different Types of Recommendation Letter

If you want to consult professional websites and check the types of templates they have for this kind of letter, you will see that they have different kinds of letter type and variant.

  • There is a template or example for professional and very formal letter of recommendation, including the handy tips to compose everything and mail the letter
  • There is a template for a recommendation letter written by a friend or a co-worker.
  • There is a template for the letter – both in the form of traditional letter and email. Such an information is usually accompanied by examples to make it clear
  • There is a template for academic recommendation letter written by an academic professor for the sake of continuing one’s study.
  • There is a letter to ask someone (your former supervisor, employer, or professor or teacher) to write the letter in behalf of your name. In some cases, you may learn about requesting such a letter politely so people would be willing to help you.
  • There is a template for personal or character recommendation letter. This is basically just the same as the regular letter but with the focus on the characters and personal traits.
  • There is a template for email recommendation letter. This is focusing on sending the recommendation letter via email.

If you see the various recommendation letter example, you can decide which one to choose for your personal needs.


Important Considerations

There are some things that people fail to see when it comes to writing a recommendation letter.

  • Not everyone can write the recommendation letter. Such a letter is written by someone who is very familiar with the person being recommended.
  • The letter should feel familiar with good knowledge of the person. If the letter is written by someone who isn’t familiar with the person being recommended, it will feel empty and bland.

The recommendation letter example can provide a guide for composing the letter, but don’t forget to include your personal opinion to it.

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