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Event Planner Resume Sample to get a job

If you want to be an event planner, you need to arrange a resume to show your qualifications for your employer. If you have no idea about this resume, you can select the event planner resume sample. The sample will lead you to arrange the proper template without any difficulties.

Your event planner resume will be great if you can include some important information on your resume. In this idea, you need to include the management, not only of people but funds, resources, and materials as well. Therefore, you have to pay attention to this resume properly.

The event planner resume sample template

This resume sample will inspire you to arrange the proper template without any difficulties. It is simple but it will make your template impressive to read. Here is the sample of the template.

John Lucky

Personal info

Phone: (888)-223-991

Email: luckyjohn56@gmail.com


An event planner with 6+ years of experience organizing successful weddings, conferences, and functions. Possess a B.A. in hospitality management and expertise in event management software. Seeking to leverage my knowledge and experience to transition into the high-end wedding planning domain.


Wedding planner

Happy Plunge Wedding Planner, Texas, October 2019 – present

  • Consult with clients (to date, over couples) to plan the perfect wedding with over 90% of couples rating my performance as 5 stars
  • Select and work together contractor for a wedding including caterer
  • Ensure wedding days progress according to schedule

Conference planner

Bell way Even organizer, Texas, January 2015 – September 2019

  • Managed more than 50 events
  • Arranged participant accommodation and transportation
  • Negotiated contracts with conference site providers that came in 5% under-budgeted amount on average
  • Organized audiovisual equipment as well as foreign-language and sign-language interpreters
  • Do post-conference evaluation and negotiated discounts with favored site providers and equipment suppliers for future events


Hospitality Management

University of Texas

2010 – 2014

Key skills 

  • Dean Evans EMS
  • Adaptability
  • Collaboration
  • All seated
  • Critical thinking
  • Time management
  • Handling pressure


  • Spanish
  • French
  • English

How to create an event planner resume sample

Creating this event planner resume sample format will be challenging. You have to pay attention to this resume sample because it will give you more clearance and information about your capabilities and qualities. Here are some ideas to include on your resume:

  • Arrange your resume with the right introduction and it must be short but chock-full of key information especially about your past and sent as well as your ambition in the future
  • Let data do the leg work and you need to accomplish it by including numbers
  • Your skills section should help you shine because your skills section is one of the most valuable pieces of resume real estate

How do I write a resume for an event planner?

Your event planner resume sample design will be impressive if you know the way to arrange this resume properly. You have to pay attention to some tips below that will lead you to arrange the proper resume. Here are some of the tips to follow:

1) Format the event planner resume template before writing

2) Open your resume with an intriguing summary or objective statement

3) Highlight your accomplishments and also past job responsibilities

4) Document your academic background in the correct way

5) List your best skills that match what they are looking for

6) Include your awards if you have in the previous job

What skills should an event planner have?

Besides, you also need to know some skills to include on your resume. The skills will ensure the recipient or employer about your qualities and capabilities. Here are skills that should be included in your resume:

1) Communication

2) Organization skills

3) A basic understanding of events

4) Network savvy

5) Multitasking

6) Negotiation and budgeting

7) Problem-solving

8) Client-first approach

Kinds of an event planner resume sample

Many types are available for you to select the proper event planner resume sample format idea. With this idea, you can select the proper template that is suitable for your job position without any difficulties. Here are some of the types of event planner resume.

Event planner resume sample with no experience 

If you have no experience, this resume will be useful because it will lead you to arrange the best quality on your resume. You need to know that many industries are hiring event planners nowadays. Because of that, you have to make it as great as possible to make it readable.

Event coordinator assistant resume 

This resume is impressive because it will help you to show your skills as the event coordinator. The resume emphasizes your skills and your capabilities to communicate in a group. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the skills to make it impress the recipient as well.

Experienced event planner resume sample

The type of this resume is experienced so that you have professional experience relevant to this job. Therefore, you have to focus on the experience that is relevant for the job. You also need to include the relevant education if any to ensure the employer as well.

Hotel event planner resume sample

Since this resume is for a hotel event planner, you need to keep a professional approach in all aspects of event transactions. You also need to include the ability to keep track of all the event requirements to show that you have the quality for this job position.

Event meeting planning resume sample

This resume is impressive and the way you do the planning will be the key. It should include the details by keeping a timeline of the things that you need to do. You also need to make a checklist so that you have to show your capabilities in this resume.

With those ideas, you need to pay attention to the skills and capabilities of your event planner resume sample. The sample will be useful because it will lead you to make a proper template without any difficulties. You have to pay attention to this sample to make your resume great to read.




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