Voluntary Termination Letter and the example 

A voluntary termination letter is a letter that is sent or submitted to notify an employer that he or she will be leaving the company. This letter is usually sent by the employer to the employee to know and accept the employee’s resignation. Therefore, you have to arrange this letter properly to make it great.


What does a voluntary termination letter mean?

You have to know that this voluntary termination letter idea occurs when an employee submits a written or verbal notice of resignation such as intent to retire, when an employee is absent from work, and so forth. This letter also can be a mutual agreement or it probably is initiated by the employee or the employer.

How to create a voluntary termination letter 

To write this letter, you have to know the steps. The steps will make your voluntary termination letter format easy to read. Therefore, you have to consider the following steps to write the letter:

  • You have to arrange the format of this letter with a mirror of the resignation letter
  • Your letter has to include the date written, the effective date of termination, a request to exit, and handling of the employee’s final paycheck
  • You also can include the information due to the return of the company property to close your letter

Tips to write a voluntary termination letter 

You also need to know some ideas to make this voluntary termination letter template awesome to read. By understanding the tips for writing this letter, it will make it great. Here are some of the tips to know:

  • You need to include the reason for leaving
  • You need to provide a chance for an honest and candid conversation between the employee and the manager
  • You also have to explore the options that have little to do with your workplace

The example of a voluntary termination letter 

To facilitate your writing this letter, you also need to have some references by reading a voluntary termination letter example. With this idea, you will get a satisfaction letter without any difficulties.

This is an example:

Dear Mr. Anderson, 

This letter is to reply that we received your resignation letter on June 12, 2015. According to the letter, you are resigning your position at Out Stand West Inc., effective July 1, 2015, to pursue a career opportunity with another organization. We accept your resignation and your employment with the company will be terminated on July 1, 2015. 

Suitable with your letter, you are leaving to take a position that will allow you to expand your current skills in the international marketplace. We support personal and professional growth. As a national company, we cannot offer you the same opportunity so that we do appreciate your years of loyal service and wish you are a success. 

I appreciate the opportunity to conduct an exit interview with you during the last week of employment. You can call the office at 666-666-6666 to schedule an appointment. Please plan on returning any company-owned property written communication on the last day of employment. 

Your eligibility under COBRA, along with an explanation of the benefits, I will be happy to answer any question from you.  



Tony Clark

Mr. Tony D. Clark

Human Resource Manager

That is all about a voluntary termination letter. You only need to include detailed information about why you are leaving the job as well.



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