Award Announcement to Appreciate Employee’s Achievement

As an employer, appreciating the achievement of the employee is needed. The appreciation will be a positive thing to increase the confidence of the employee. Besides, it also could be evidence that you put your attention to them. That is why considering an award announcementis needed.

Substantively, it is a common matter when a company delivers the award to the employee. Since the company reaches some targets, the employee should be appreciated. To make it special, you may make a unique and good letter to announce the award.


What is an Award Announcement Letter?

The award announcement letter is a document that is written to show the appreciation of the company to the worker. In common, an employer will give an award to the employee in a specific period. Besides, the award also could be given when the target has been reached.

Substantively, there is no exact rule to write an award announcement letter. It is appropriate when an employee writes a personal letter with a friendly wording option. However, some announcement letters come with a professional tone based on the sense that wants to be gotten.

What is the Structure of an Award Announcement Letter?

The award announcement letter should be written with a proper structure. The basic template of this letter will follow the base typical letter for professional purposes. When it comes from a company, it should be completed using a letterhead.

Then, the body of the letter can be made using the outline of an essay. Through this structure, the detailed information, especially about the award, could be organized well.

A simple award announcement letter could be made with at least three paragraphs. After the simple introduction, the body tells about the main messages to be delivered and the letter will be closed with a simple conclusion and hope.

Tips to Make a Good Award Announcement

These are some tips to be considered when you want to make a good award announcement letter. Some tips to consider are:

  • Use a proper format of the letter
  • Maintain the professional tone in writing the content
  • Write a brief and simple letter
  • Deliver a clear message with the point statement
  • Appreciate the recipient properly

Sample of Award Announcement Letter

Dear Mr. Jack

It is my pleasure to announce that you have become the best volunteer of the year in this company. Your great dedication and the long working hours in several places becomes enough recognition to choose you.

We are sure that your action shows an ideal worker to be followed. Not only a big dedication, we saw you as a serious employee that has no pain to work. Every work could be handled and finished before the deadline.

Of course, we appreciate all that you did for our company. We have a special gift that will be sent to your table soon, as an appreciation. We hope that you could be better in the future and your spirit can be the inspiration for other employees. Congratulations!


Sebastian Kahn

That is all about the award announcementthat you need to know. Write it and appreciate the achievement of your employee!


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