End of Internship with A Positive Note

When you complete an internship with a company or another business, it is very essential to express gratitude, especially for the opportunity that is given to you. To express the gratitude, sending an end of internship letter can be a good idea since it will help you to write the complete message.

As we know, an internship becomes a beginning for an individual to get a professional career. Of course, there will be many experiences and new things to learn during the period of internship. That is why saying thank you to an institution that provides a chance is needed.


Why Writing an End of Internship Letter is Important?

During the internship, there will be many new experiences and guidance that you will get. It could be said that an internship becomes the first way to join professional work. That is why writing this letter can be a sign of gratitude.

However, these are some other reasons that answer why writing an internship letter is important. The reasons are:

  • As a thankful letter to make a good last impression
  • Writing a thankful end of internship letter will be useful to expand the network
  • The letter can be used to begin or to develop a professional relationship

How to Make a Good Thankful End of Internship Letter?

Some standard points could be a way to write an end of the internship letter. The steps are:

  • Begin the letter by expressing gratitude
  • Mention what you get from the experience
  • Be concise and simple
  • Remember to include the contact information
  • Choose an effective way to send the letter, including via email

What to Avoid in Writing an End of Internship Letter?

It can be said that an end of internship letter is a formal document to be made. That is why you cannot make it a personal letter. Try to make a professional letter by following the standard format of the business letter.

On another hand, avoid making a too-long letter. Here, the letter will be better to be written only in a page letter. Then, remember to avoid using any ambiguous words in stating your arguments.

Sample of End of Internship

Dear Principle Mayers

As the internship of teaching that I get ends, I want to thank-you to you and the Literature Department of Jasmine University. It was very interesting to experience the new educational strategies in teaching the students.

I found many things to learn during the internship that also explore my skills and add my experiences. Besides, the things that you provide to me also become a new matter for me to learn about how to become a professional teacher in the future.

As you know that I will graduate in the next two months, my internship in your place will be ended. I am so happy to be a part of you at a certain time. Hopefully, our relationship can be kept day by day in the future.



That is all about the end of the internship letter that you need to know. Keep the professional tone, so the messages could be understood well.


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