Resignation Letter to Clients for Building the Best Farewell

When you want to resign from your position and you want to notice the close clients, writing the resignation letter to clients can be what you do. This letter is a good document to show that you care for the clients and want to keep a good relationship with them.

On another hand, this letter also could be an instrument to show your professionalism. As we know, a resignation letter is a formal document that shows integrity. That is why in writing this kind of letter, you need to be careful and be wise.


What is a Resignation Letter to Clients?

The resignation letter itself is a formal document that is written to announce the valid date of the last day of work. Besides, the letter also could be used to tell about the reason for leaving the job and the plan that everyone needs to know in the future.

When it comes to the clients, a resignation letter also could be a letter of appreciation. Through this letter, you may show your gratitude for the business with the clients. It is simple but will be quite meaningful and important to keep the future relationship.

What to Include Inside a Resignation Letter to Clients?

These are some parts of the letter to be included when you want to make a good resignation letter. The things to include are:

  • The date as an official time of resigning
  • The replacement that will be handling the account (when you have a business with clients)
  • What the client needs to do when they have any question
  • The reason for resigning
  • The detailed contact information

What to Do in Making Resignation Letter to Clients?

To make a good resignation letter, firstly you may find the template of it. Since this letter is a formal document, following the standard format will be useful and it will ease you to make the letter for the clients.

Then, state the information, especially the resigning date and the consequence for the client clearly. Avoid using ambiguous words that will daze the clients. It will be better when you write a simple letter to do point messages.

Sample of Resignation Letter to Clients

Dear Julia

Through this letter, I want to inform all my clients that soon I want to resign from my position as a manager in the Gladys Company. It is hard for me to leave the lovely job that I handle since 10 years ago. However, the family reason pushes me to stop my career.

I want to assure all my clients that the account and the business will be turned over the good hands. Louis, as my assistance, will replace my position. He is a good man with a high reputation and experience. Of course, every ongoing business will be handle maximally, as its must.

At the end of this letter, I want to thank every client that has business with me. Hopefully, your business will be better in the future. Of course, I hope that our relationship could be kept.



That is all about the resignation letter to clients that you need to know. Of course, do not send it in a hurry to make sure that the messages can be delivered well.



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