5+ Book Review Template


Book Review Template Sample Helps Kids Understanding A Book’s Content


Starting to teach your kids to love reading books can be more comfortable by giving them a task. You can use the book review template sample to describe their understanding of the book.

When you are reading a book, you are trying to get the points of the authors’ messages. The book review template sample can help you to convey the messages in the books you are reading. This kind of template can be used for teaching your kids to start loving books as well.


What Should You Do Before Reviewing A Book?

A book review is usually an analysis of the book in depth that is to examine the content of it. This review is mostly to evaluate the value of the read book and to recommend it to other readers. The personal opinions about the book are included in the review.

Book Review Template Sample

Before writing a review, you have to think of the title and the meaning behind it, the points of the book contents such as the genre, the point of view of the book, the style of authors’ composition, and many things. By using the book review template sample, you can be easier to review a book.

1. What are the book review template sample?

The template usually contains some sections to help the readers reviewing a book they read.

  • Title, author, publisher, date of publication, place, pages, and edition, and unique features that can be displayed in the book should be in the review.
  • A space to give your personal opinions about the book.

2. What should be considered when providing your views in a book review?

When you are deciding to make a book review, you need to consider several things.

  • When you state your opening sentence, make the readers hooked with it. You can start by writing the plot summaries.
  • You can start to consider whether the book is the best book you read or in the other way around.
  • You can write about the authors like the qualifications, reputations, or other related information.
  • Conclude the review with a final assessment.
  • If you have finished writing those in a book review template sample, you can leave it for a while; then you start to read your review to think whether the report needs revision or not.


The book review template sample is not only for the adults, and this template can be used for children to start writing their opinions about the books. This template can be downloaded on the internet. Some are free, but some are purchased.



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