10+ Memo Format Templates and Examples

You can always make use of memo format templates to help you with the task. A memo is a short written message which is conveyed internally within a company or an organization. However, a memo isn’t like your regular scribble or message. You can’t just write ‘Hi, I need your report immediately because we are having an important annual meeting next week.’ Despite the short length, a memo needs to have a formal language (at least in the professional tone) and it should be accompanied by reasons and a word for actions.


The Functions of a Memo

Okay, so you may just realize that you can’t really underestimate a memo – or you need to pay a detailed attention to the proper memo format templates. But what are the functions? And what is the importance of the memo – and its right format?

As it was mentioned before, a memo is a written message that is generally passed by between departments or members of a team. A memo can be an announcement or an encouragement for something, and it is usually ended with the words of encouragement – or call for actions. But it isn’t only a written note for ‘ordering’ something – there should be a reason why such an action is needed. That’s why it is crucial to pay a detailed attention to the proper forms and structures.

How to Make a Memo

  • The right format should include:
  • The intended recipients
  • The sender (name and title)
  • Date
  • Subject
  • The body consists of the background of the problem, the solutions or actions, and the conclusion
  • Signature and name of the sender (sometimes it is needed, sometimes it is not).

See this example:

To: All Employees

From: Alana Carly, President

Date: September 2 2018

Subject: Parking Issue

Thank you for the concerns about parking arrangement at Tuesday’s meeting. So far, we have come with 3 different solutions.

  • You can find other parking spots that are located on the northern side
  • Employees can make use of the available free bus offered by the company
  • Those who want to drive to work need to have monthly parking subscription so there will be a priority of the parking arrangement.

Thank you for your concern and patience. Please let me know is there are still problems or concerns.

Some Handy Tips

As you can see from the example above, there are some things that you need to consider when writing the memo. You can find the memo format templates that encourage your needs.

  • Be sure to use a direct language – no matter the tone. Whether it is official, formal, or casual, you should have a direct message.
  • The memo should be short. The longest one would be two pages of memo. If you make pages of memos, you will only bore your audience.
  • Use a simple language with general terms.

If you are confused about how to write the memo, you can always use the templates. You shouldn’t worry about the format or structure because you can focus on the contents. That’s the importance of memo format templates.

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