4+ Free Invoice Template Excel Sample


Free Invoice Template Excel Sample

Service companies need to have an invoice to make your business looks professional. In business field, invoice is an integral part that every service company must-have. If you just run a business and look for any free invoice template excel sample, worry not. We have listed how to get your invoice template online so you do not have to make your invoice from scratch. It is a lot easier and quicker.

What is Invoice?

Before giving you the way to get the invoice template, you need to know what invoice is and what it will do. To put it simply, an invoice is a commercial document which usually issued by a seller to buyer. It indicates and contains the products, quantities, and prices of products or services which the seller has provided to the buyer. In addition, payment terms are also included in an invoice. It tells the buyer how many days left to pay the amount of money. Sometimes, the seller gives a discount if payment is done before due date. That is why an invoice is important in every business because it states the agreement of transaction between the seller and the buyer.

How to Get Invoice Template?

Fortunately, if you are new in the business field and do not know how to make your own invoice, free invoice template excel sample will be able to help you. You can find them on many sites just by typing it in your web browser. However, you can also get them from other sources such as Microsoft Office and Google Docs. To get an invoice template from Microsoft Office, just go to the official site and click ‘Template’ menu below ‘Office’ menu. You will be presented various invoice templates you can choose. Once you find what you want, click download. The template will be available in Microsoft Excel and you can edit the details in Excel

Invoice Details

Do not forget to fill and put the details below in your invoice.

  • The word “Invoice”
  • Unique reference number
  • Date of the invoice
  • Tax amounts if any
  • Name and contact details of the seller
  • Name and contact details of the buyer
  • The date the goods or services were delivered or sent
  • Purchase order number
  • Description of the goods (optional)
  • The unit price of the product (per quantity)
  • The total amount of charged
  • Payment terms

Those are the basic details of an invoice. You can add other optional details once you see the templates.



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