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Just like other business letters or documents, there are certain regulations and requirements for the right business memo format. After all, the memo is a part of written documentation sharing the same information importance – just like the other business documents. That’s why paying attention to the right layout and proper format should be included in your management and careful planning.


A Deeper Insight to the Memo

According to many business establishments, the memo shares similar importance as any other business documents. In fact, most of them would include the business memo as a part of their business correspondence. The memo comes in the second place (of importance and priority) after the business letters. Whereas emails may be considered super crucial and important, the memo is also crucial. Some people say that emails have flexible arrangement where it can be used for internal and also external use of a business, while memos are generally used for the internal use.

What’s the use of a memo? Just like other letters, it is used to communicate and convey messages. The memos can be used for sending requests, ideas, announcements, and decisions. The memos are more formal (when compared to emails) and also more private, but they are also less formal when compared to the letters. Some people say that thhe memos are almost similar to the reports although memos are the shorter version. That’s why it is important to consider the business memo format properly if you want to compose the right structure.


The Structure and Composition

There are some specific rules when it comes to the proper and correct business memo format. The general structure would be:

  • A header. It generally includes the recipient, the sender, date, and a subject. For instance, you can compose it like:

To: Imelda Wilkins, Debra Emery, William Davoe

From: Frank Mueller

Date:  October 20, 2017

Subject: Business Meeting for Elson’s Project

  • A body. It can be divided further into discussion, opening, and summary. It generally:
  • The first sentence of the paragraph should start with the purpose of the memo sending. No need to introduce anything because you want to keep it as brief and simple as possible.
  • The explanation details and descriptions of the problems and situations, including the solutions
  • Closing, which can include requests for actions or conclusion to the action


Important Facts

There is such a thing to remember about writing the memo:

  • Try to be direct, concise, and straightforward
  • The use of the language depends on the intended recipient. It shouldn’t be too formal but it would be different if the memo is exchanged between the boss and the employees. If it is between colleagues, a not-too-formal language or tone can be implemented
  • The way to write the memo depends on the company’s policy. Some companies don’t have any specific regulation about the memo (and how to compose it) but some do – they can even implement a quite strict rule about it. You should pay attention to it. If the company doesn’t have any rule about the memo writing then you are free to follow the standard business memo format

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