A Handy Guidance of Writing Flight Attendant Cover Letter Examples

There is a long process of becoming a flight attendant before an individual can fly and assist the passengers. Although the job itself is familiar to society, not all people know the process of becoming flight attendants and their responsibilities. If you are one of our readers who plan to be a flight attendant, this article might be useful for you as it provides all the needed information and is completed with the flight attendant cover letter examples.


Responsibilities of Flight Attendants

Before reading the flight attendant cover letter examples, it is good for you to know the job’s responsibilities. Aside from assisting and ensuring the comfort of the passengers, flight attendants perform a safety check of the cabin before the flight. They also provide safety information to the passengers before the flight and serve the food and drinks. Flight attendants mostly deal with the passengers’ matter like showing the seats and taking care of the disabled passengers.

Requirements of Flight Attendants

There are numerous requirements needed to be flight attendants from taking special education or training school until having crucial skills such as language skills, especially in English. The chance of meeting foreign passengers is high so acquiring more languages is a plus point. Flight attendants need to have good communication skills to deal with different characters of the passengers and be able to work in a team. After all, a long list of positive attitudes such as professional, caring, and friendly are must-have manners for the flight attendants. Look at how the top tier airlines in the world, the flight attendants always try to provide the best service not only from the comfort of the plane but also the flight attendants’ service who are willing to exceed the passengers’ expectations.

Advantages of Flight Attendants

You can go around the world and still get paid. Yes, that is the top reason people want to be flight attendants. You never have the same routine as you will mostly visit different places every time. Flight attendants usually have flying benefits for family and friends, it is either getting free tickets or some discounts. Building networking by meeting people will be another advantage that flight attendants. So, are you still thinking to be one?

Sample of Flight Attendants Cover Letter

If you have the requirements above and are ready to send the cover letter, check the sample below to be used as the reference.

Dear Mr. William,

I am writing this letter to express my interest in applying for a flight attendant at ABC Airlines, as it is advertised on the official website. It has been my dream to join the airline and I believe I can be a good candidate for the position with my skills and experience.

I have worked as a flight attendant in FGH Airlines for nearly three years. I have great commitment to my work and I possess good interpersonal qualities as I always exceed the passengers’ expectations in each flight. I have been chosen as the best stewardess several times during my career and it was chosen by the flight crews and passengers from the service I provided.

I can speak in four languages, English, French, Mandarin, and Spanish. It helps communication with passengers as I can understand and manage what their needs are. I believe I can do better as a flight attendant in ABC Airlines. You can reach me at 333-444-555 for the interview. Thank you for the opportunity.



Katy Charlotte

Hopefully, the sample above can give you more ideas for writing the cover letter. Good luck!


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