How To  Write Career Change Resignation Letter

If you are lucky enough to get offered a better position, another step to take is how to quit your company nicely without causing too many distractions. You can start with the career change resignation change. This is a proper way to terminate your contract with the company without burning the bridge.


What Are The Aspects Of Resignation Letter?

There are some important aspects to pay attention to before writing a career change resignation letter. It has the four elements such as the date, the formal statements, the last day of your work, and the signatures.

Another thing that you must write in this letter is the positive things in the company to give a positive impression.

How To Write An Effective Career Change Resignation Letter?

The opening

There is no need to write your letter with flowery words. Keep your writing tone positive, professional, and straightforward. Try to keep it simple and make your decision is final.

Thanking your boss

No matter how unpleasant your experience with your boss is, there is always a positive side you must write in the letter. You can write down your experience and lesson you have got from your boss while working with him or her. Also, leave a positive feeling in the letter.

Handing-off your job

It is important to give a clear commitment that you are willing to help your company doing the transition. You don’t have to offer the specific task to do just address some of the remaining jobs before your departure.

Statements to avoid

It is better to avoid statements that result in a negative tone in your letters, such as your resentment or underpaid job. This will affect your future career so try to leave some nice words on it.

The Example Of Career Change Resignation Letter

Dear Ms. Setevenson,

I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position as a Content Writer Manager in ABC Company. I have been selected as one of the lucky students to study in Netherland this year which has been my dream for many years. I intend to take this opportunity for my future career. Therefore please accept my resignation letter. I will be effective until February 28, 2021.

During my last day, I will try as hard as I can to finish the remaining task. I am also willing to help you in the transition. You can reach me at (5656)65656-65656 I am available at your convenience schedule.

I am very grateful for all the experience and lessons I have gained from this company. I feel these will benefit me in the long run especially in handling various tasks in the next opportunity.

I wish you are the best as well as the staff and the company. Thank you for your understanding.


Best Regards,


Karina Salim

Changing a career is a great thing to level up yourself. However, make sure you end your relationship with the current company well by writing a career change resignation letter properly.

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