A Simple Guide To Write A Civil Engineer Recommendation Letter


What Is A Civil Engineer Recommendation Letter?

Just like others, the civil engineer’s recommendation letter is a document that is written by a professor who knows the individual ability. The individual who needs this recommendation letter is the one who is applying for a job in private or govt projects or even a scholarship. If someone has asked you a favor to write him or her a civil engineer recommendation letter, we will give you some quick guides on this page.

What Are The Components Of A Recommendation Letter?

Writing the civil engineer recommendation letter doesn’t have to be complicated. However, there are some important elements to underline, such as:

A paragraph that tells you to know the individual’s skills and attitude very well. It is important to state the relationship with him or her.

State the individual’s achievements or accomplishments. This should be specific that also explains the persons’ qualifications and skills. It doesn’t have to belong, but brief.

Include a summary of why you have to recommend the person.

Who Are Required To Attach A Recommendation Letter?

A recommendation letter is required if a person applying for an MBA program or business school. The recommendation letter typically about the qualifications of the individual and his/her leadership skills.

If an individual is applying for a scholarship program, a recommendation letter is needed. Especially the person is applying to an engineering program. The most common thing to include in this letter is the and awards.

Additionally, the job seeker is also required to attach a civil engineer recommendation letter. The letter explains the reason why the candidate is worthy of the position. Besides, this letter also focuses on the qualifications and skills.

The Example Of A Civil Engineer Recommendation Letter

Dear Mr. Derreck,

I am writing this letter to ask you to take Ms. Elsa seriously in the 9th scholarship screening program at XYZ university. During her internship program in the ABC company as a web developer intern, Ms. Elsa has done an excellent job. As her advisor in the workplace, I am very impressed with her performance.

Ms. Elsa is a hard-working person that always loves learning something new. Under a lot of pressure, she finished the task very well. Even when our company had difficult bugs to fix, Ms. Elsa spent her time helping other staff in handling the issue. For an intern, she has a strong passion and dedication to the company. This is the reason we awarded her as one of the best interns in 2020. Among hundreds of interns, she performed outstandingly.

Due to these reasons, I believe Ms. Elsa will strive well in her MBA study in the computer science major. She deserves to get a lot of resources to help her study in a maximum capacity. I believe her knowledge will contribute a lot to society.

If you have anything to discuss Ms. Elsa, never hesitate to contact me at (4545)4545-4545.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best Regards,



Jerry Gillendhall

ABC Company’s Digital Marketing Manager

Be sure to write the civil engineer recommendation with the facts. This is also about your credibility and integration that should be your responsibilities. Universities or companies will do fact check to make sure. So, you won’t bet your name on this matter, right?

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