6+ Fishbone Diagram Template


Fishbone Diagram Template Sample


Some people are familiar with the fishbone diagram template sample, but some are not. If you are not familiar enough with this kind of diagram, you need to read this article carefully.

When you want to know the causes of a problem until you find out the root causes, you will need this fishbone diagram template sample. This diagram can make you more understanding of the problem you face.


Fishbone Diagram Template Sample

The fishbone diagram is about a cause and effect diagram. It is a visualized tool to categorize the causes of a problem to be identified to seek the root of the problem. It combines the brainstorming practice and the template of a mind maps.

The fishbone diagram template sample is like a skeleton of a fish. This skeleton performs the causes of the problems. The smaller the bone is, the more detail the causes will be. How to create this template?

1. Fishbone diagram template sample process

This template is to analyze the phase, such as to define, analyze, measure, control, and improve.

  • The fish head is to list the problem. The problem is in a statement format.
  • Then, you need to draw a horizontal arrow that is pointing the head. This is to draw the fish backbone.
  • The spine with arrows that makes the first bones of the fish can state the identified causes contributing to the problem.
  • After knowing the causes, your team members can do brainstorm to give any supporting information which may contribute to the problem. You can start to ask them using the Why.
  • You have to continue the process until the root causes are found. Then, you can identify them to solve the problem.

2. Why you need to use it

There are several reasons you can see to use this fishbone diagram template sample. They can be:

  • This diagram can identify the causes that can be possible coming with the problem.
  • It can develop the product since you have known the root causes.
  • It can avoid the problem from occurring again in the future because you have understood the causes, and you seek the solutions.
  • You can be sure that there will be corrective actions to solve the problems.


Since this diagram is essential in problem-solving, you have to know better about the fishbone diagram template sample. You can use this diagram when you face a problem and need a solution fast.






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