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Weekly Calendar Template Excel Sample: What for and How to Use It

Some people love to carry around a big book containing their agenda, but some others just don’t. If you think that the agenda is too much as you are a very simple and mobile person, then a weekly calendar template excel sample could come in handy. Use Excel to make a spreadsheet to write down your weekly schedule and your to-do list. You can create your own using Excel or you can just download the template and fill it out with your weekly or daily schedule.

What is it for

The templates usually come in various types, it can be 5,6 or 7 days per week period. When you think about getting then weekly calendar template excel sample, you must have plans and purposes of what is it going to do for you. However there are many more functions and if you have no idea of what they are, here we are going to find out.

  1. The schedule is perfect for business and work situations such as conferences, courses, making a schedule of all kinds of meetings.
  2. For school, college, homeschoolers to write down class trips, field tri, activities and summer camps.
  3. To keep track of time and ensure that everything you have planned is done within a certain period.
  4. For all kinds of schedules from school timetable, class schedule, lesson plan, college schedule, course schedule, recording times of classes, work schedule, appointment scheduling, project management, etc.
  5. For time table of you and your family live such as, daily errands, appointment, and chores, family or kids appointment schedule, exercising schedule, spare some time for hobbies and interests, etc.

How to use it

These are steps of how to use a weekly calendar template excel sample:

  1. Download the Excel template
  2. Open the file and fill out the weekly schedule, type your schedule and high light on the important ones.
  3. Click the task list and personalize it by changing with your tasks. Print it out.
  4. Write down the task list with every important thing you must do in the week. Be careful, do not overwhelm yourself with too many tasks, choose the priority.

Those are simple steps and feel free to express yourself in making your weekly schedule. The thing is, focus on the important ones, and put some pleasure activities on it too. That way, the schedule will discipline you in a good way and not become a pressure.

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