A Guide To Create A Hotel Supervisor Cover Letter With The Example

Becoming a supervisor is not an easy job to work, especially in a hotel. If you want to have a higher chance to be hired in this position, we suggest you write a hotel supervisor cover letter. By creating a cover letter, you can have a better result. Once you prepare a proper cover letter, it will be a high chance for you to beat other candidates. Check the description below to get more information to become a professional hotel supervisor.


What Job Desks Are You Supposed To Do As A Hotel Supervisor?

Once you decide to make a hotel supervisor cover letter, it is better for you to know what job desks you will do once you are accepted. A hotel supervisor must be able to manage workflow of the team schedules and set goals for the hotel. Also, you are supposed to train new members and evaluate their performances. Not only that, you must be able to provide feedback and report it to management and HR.

What Are Common Mistakes Done By A Hotel Supervisor?

As a hotel supervisor, it is normal to make mistakes in the workplace. But, some mistakes below must be avoided in order to not make you look not professional in your job.

Inconsistent In Making Decisions

If you make this mistake frequently, you can lose your position since you hold a position which prioritizes any decision you make. It is because your decision can make the hotel get or lose a chance to work with clients or sponsors.

Not Able To Plan Well

A hotel supervisor who is not able to plan well will ruin the goals and achievements of the hotel. This will cause new problems at once since the hotel cannot meet the target.


At this point, a hotel supervisor not only manages the hotel, but also the team. If the hotel supervisor cannot enable the team, they may lose their motivation and the operations cannot work properly.

The Sample Of Hotel SUpervisor Cover Letter

Dear Mr. Jerry Hammington,

My name is Ben Jeno and I am interested in writing an application towards an advertisement for Marranet, Inc. I found that Marranet, Inc is looking for a person to fill a Hotel Supervisor position. I am very excited to join your company in order to pursue my career and I think my skills match with your company.

I have more than five years working experience in the same field and I master excellent computer skills. I also have a detailed ability to monitor hotel operations to walk properly.

I have the ability to enable my teammates to work hard as a team and pay attention to attitude at all times as well. To know more about my profile, I have attached my resume and portfolio, so you can consider my application better.

I hope to meet with you soon and reach me for an interview by calling (123)-1231-2312. I would appreciate it if you are willing to reply to my letter by emailing at benjeno@gmail.com. Thank you in advance.



Ben Jeno

All in all, the explanation of the hotel supervisor cover letter given above is hoped can be a good reference for you. Feel free to customize your own cover letter or change some parts in the example. Good luck!




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