10+ Weekly Calendar Templates in PSD Photoshop


Useful Blank Weekly Calendar Templates

Although you come to the office every day and do your job, you may feel that you do nothing, and do not make any progress on your priority projects and goals. You should know that this feeling often occurs when you do not maintain a proper schedule. You may know that many successful entrepreneurs manage their hours effectively.

They usually use the weekly calendar template to manage their priority works and tasks. So, if you want to know how to manage your time with this template, keep reading this article.

The explanation of the weekly calendar template

The calendar is a schedule, register, table, or other system to divide your time effectively, especially if it refers to their length, time of divisions of the year. But it is all depending on the context, this calendar template can start from midnight to Saturday or seven days in a row.

Maintaining your weekly calendar is an art to set up your daily routine activities or tasks to achieve your goals in a specific period. By sticking on the right schedule using the weekly calendar, then you can do many things.

The scheduling does not only help you to determine things for today, but it also helps you to reach your long term goals for a day or even a year. By tracking your goals, then you can achieve your long term priorities or goals as well.

The key benefits of having a weekly calendar template

Having a great plan is key to do something great. Here some good reasons why you need to spend more time planning your time and make sure you work on the right things.

You will be more productive

Being more productive does not always mean that you have to work as other people think. It is more doing the right things, and focusing your energy on what matters and get benefits from that.

This template teaches you when you have to say “No”

Having a weekly plan will help you to understand what aspects are useful and productive in the long term, and what part gives a less contribution to your overall success. If you have a written plan that you can recheck every week, in a few months then you will understand better about your goals and reduce your load.

It ensures that you know what’s going on

At the workspace, you usually have so many small tasks that need your attention. This weekly calendar template helps you to remember those tasks.

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