Sample of Internal Communications Manager Cover Letter

Undoubtedly, not all company has internal communications manager position but big companies do. Not many people know what this position means to the whole workflow in the company but actually, the duties are very necessary. The main duty is to keep all employees informed with the company’s updates. Below, you will read more thorough information as to what this position does and how to write an internal communications manager cover letter.

Importance of Internal Communications Manager

As explained before, the internal communications manager ensures every employee within the company gets the information, from the new company policy, company structure changing, or upcoming company events. By giving company updates, the internal communications manager makes the relationship between employees stronger. No one will feel left out about any updates and it makes a healthy and transparent work atmosphere. Internal Communications Manager can be a bridge between the leaders and the employees, it does not mean one-way communication but sometimes the employee feedback can be sent forward to the company’s leaders.

Skills Needed for Internal Communications Manager

To have this position, someone has to possess several qualities that ensure her/him working well. First is the interpersonal and communication skills. Facilitating all people within the company is surely a hard task and an internal communications manager has to know how to communicate properly with everyone. S/he needs to explain things clearly without giving misinterpretation to the listeners. An internal communications manager also needs to possess good writing skills as the information can be in the written form. Another important skill for an internal communications manager is listening. Speaking and writing are explained before but to be an internal communications manager, an individual has to listen attentively to both leaders and employees to be able to deliver the message properly.

Cover Letter Sample of Internal Communications Manager

The cover letter below shows an applicant who wants to apply for an internal communications manager position in a company. It highlights the experience and skill he possesses from his previous career.

Dear Mrs. Olivia,

I am writing this letter to show my interest in applying for an Internal Communications Manager in Livias Group. It will be an honorfor me to be able to join the company. I am sure I can be a good fit for the position.

I earned Bachelor’s Degree from ABC University, majoring in Business Communication with cum-laude score. I have worked right away as an employee to get promoted to an Internal Communications Manager in Socialife Communications for two years. While I have no problem in my previous work, I believe I need to expand my career with a company that suits my career goal and I think Livias Group is the right place.

From my work experience, I have excellent interpersonal skills and I can facilitate the relationship between the leaders and the employees without causing inconvenience for both parties. My writing skill is also outstanding as I have no problem with delivering the company updates in both spoken or written form.

In my previous workplace, I was responsible to manage a meeting where the leaders and employees meet to discuss the new developments of the company. It was solely my idea and the company leaders appreciate it as it helps the company to have a better relationship between the leaders and employees, who can be voiceless sometimes.

I believe I can do as good as, or even better, for Livias Group. You can reach me at 999-888-777 for the interview. Thank you.



Patrick A.

We hope the letter above can give you insights on how to write a proper and professional internal communications manager cover letter.


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