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Business Report Template Format You Need to Know

Business Reports. In my mind, it is definitely some kind of accountancy stuff. Well, I was from a social major during high school, and the teachers also taught us accountancy as part of Social class. I could keep it up in 11th grade, but I start to confuse when I was 12th grader. So, because of that, let us talk about the business report template format you need to know.

Income statement report template format

The income statement is a financial report format to know the financial condition of a corporation. Does the company are getting profits or losses during one accountancy period? Well, the income statement business report template format will answer you that.

Single Step

The single step is a simple income statement format. In this format, all incomes and profits at the beginning of the report. After that. Minus it with all costs and expenses. The result will determine your corporation’s financial


Multiple Step

Different from the Single Step, Multiple Step is a lot complex. First of all, separate operational and non-operational transactions. Second, you need to compare costs or expenses with the profits. After that, calculate the operational profits. The operational profit will show you the difference between ordinary activities and incidental or extraordinary activities.

Balance sheet report

The balance sheet is a report that shows you the financial position and information of your corporation. In this report, you will be shown assets, liabilities, and capital in complete and detailed. To make the balance sheet report template format, you need to follow the guidelines of accounting equations, which is Asset = Liabilities + Capital.

Cash flow statement

The cash flow statement is a report that gives you the information about your corporation’s cash flow in or out. Other than that, it can be functioned to predict the cash flow in the next period. There are two main activities of the cash flow statement, which are:

Operating activities

Operating activities are the report of cash flow from the corporation’s operational activities. In other words, this report can be made by entering the value of the effect of cash from transactions that involved in determining the net income. The examples are like the sale of goods and services from customers, inventory purchases, and more.

Investing activities

Investing activities are a business report template format that related to cash flow activities. The flow is from both sales and the purchases of fixed assets.

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