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5 ways to make a Santa letter template when Christmas comes

When Christmas arrives, most children will probably be happy because they will get a gift that will be given by Santa. Of course, this can be something very positive because children can enjoy the Christmas celebration more fun when it snows.

How to make a Santa letter template

No need to download it from the internet, if you want to be creative in making Santa letter templates, you can make them independently of course. Of course, by making your own, you are more able to express yourself while trying to provide the best design for children who receive it later of course.

5 ways to make a Santa letter template in DIY

If you are curious about how to make Santa letter template DIY, see the 5 ways to make it below.

  1. Determine the use of sentences that are easy to understand

Because those who will receive this letter are children, so as much as possible use sentences that are friendly, pleasant, and easily understood by children. It is not recommended to use difficult words, especially to use certain terms later.

  1. Customize the color concept with the theme

We know for ourselves that it’s not usually the dominant color concept of various attributes when Christmas and a Santa are red and white. Well, try to use colors with these colors. This will be convincing for children because it is as if the letter is really from Santa.

  1. Add sticker

If necessary, you can add some accessories to the letter, such as stickers of course. This sticker must also have a Christmas or Santa theme. Do not force using stickers that are outside the context of the Christmas and Santa theme.

  1. Don’t write too long sentences

Remember, this letter is an only consolation or a gimmick to make children feel happy because they are known by Santa. Create letters with short sentences and entertain them. Don’t make very long sentences, because this is not a will or speech to them.

  1. Place it in a strategic place

When finished, you can place the letter in several strategic locations. For example in some attributes such as socks near a fireplace, near a Christmas tree or gift box below, or other places. Try to get it which is easily seen and found by them later.

But keep in mind, agree with the first where to place it later. You can persuade them by telling them where the letter is expected by him to be placed by Santa later. That way, when ready, you can tell him to check later.

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