A Professional Guidance to Write 30 Day Rental Termination Letter

In a business, there is a situation that either party can decide to terminate the contract because of a specific reason. The example can be seen from the contract between the landlord and tenants. If one party decides to cancel the agreement, there must be a termination letter as a formal letter to inform the other side. For landlords and tenants, usually the termination letter is written in prior 30 days which is called as 30 day rental termination letter. Here, you will see how to rental termination letter is written from a landlord to one of his tenant along with the format of the letter.

What is 30 Day Rental Termination Letter?

Basically, this is a formal letter sent by one side to inform about the cancelation of the contract between the two parties. In landlord – tenants’ case, the 30 day notice of termination letter is usually called as lease termination letter. This term has positive meaning as it means as the ending of the lease. It is different from eviction, that means as removing the tenants who are supposed to leave but still decide to stay. As the landlord, the terms should not be used interchangeably as these have two different meanings.

Letter Format of 30 Day Rental Termination

Usually, the lease termination letter is sent in a formal tone by informing the letter intention right from the start, completed with the termination date. Explain to the informed party that the letter acts as the 30 days prior notice. It continues with the reason of contract termination and the phone number or email to contact if there are further discussion required. The letter has to be written in a genuine, concise, and professional way. Give detailed facts without exaggerating the situation. Make sure to write the letter beforehand and send it before it comes to the 30 day prior notice time.

Sample Letter of 30 Day Rental Termination

Below is the rental termination letter sent by a landlord to one of his tenants to end the lease. The letter is sent right before the 30 day prior period.

Dear Mr. David,

With this letter, I am informing you that I will be terminating the contract of month-to-month lease with you. Please accept this letter as a 30-day rental termination prior notice. This is effective as 1 March, 2014.If you do not vacate per the date above, the landlord will be allowed to move your belongings out and take over the room or building.

It is unfortunate that I have to terminate the lease contract but I have discussed with you about the rules violation you have made last month and I still do not see any improvement until today.I saw you bring two dogs inside the buildings and I have received complain since then from your neighbors. They said it was too loud especially during the night. It has always been the rule that anyone cannot bring pet inside and you violate it.

The second reason is because of the garbage that you have not thrown in the proper place but rather you put in front of the room for days and it is caused unpleasant smell for everyone. You told me that you want to take it out with you but it has never been done.

The two reasons have taken me to decide to terminate the contract with you. If you have further questions, please contact me at 111-222-333.



Jackman Green

The letter above shows that the tenant violates the rules and it caused the landlord to terminate the lease rental. Hopefully, it helps you as the references.


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