The Best Dean Recommendation Letter and its Sample

In some points of your life, you might need a recommendation letter to continue your study, find a job or pursue another life goal. As a result, it can be given to the students, an employee or even someone that applies to a specific higher position such as dean in a university or company manager. Here, you will read a dean recommendation letter sent by someone with trustable background to promote an individual to be a dean.Also, you will read the format of recommendation in general and the difference between recommendation and reference letter. Is it true that they are both used interchangeable? Keep on reading!

Recommendation Letter vs Reference Letter

If you are about to write one but does not know the difference then you come to the right place. Recommendation letter is a formal letter written specifically to recommend someone to have the specific position, for example a faculty dean. Recommendation letter is sent to the institution that asks for the letter. Reference letter is slightly different as it is given to the individual being referenced within the letter. The content is more general and it is usually for an academic-related or employment-related matter. This letter is not typically sent to the institution who requested it.

Format of Dean Recommendation Letter

All the recommendation letter has the similar format, including the dean recommendation letter. It is started with the recommendation and the name of the person being recommended. The brief reason as why the individual is worth the recommendation is stated after that. Then, it continues with more thorough and detailed explanation about the achievement of the individual. It closes with providing the contact number of someone who writes the recommendation.

Sample of Dean Recommendation Letter

Below is a dean recommendation letter written by a leader of university community. You can check the letter as a reference.

Dear Dr. Douglas,

I am writing this letter to recommend Dr. Richardson Abby as a faculty dean in the BCD University. I have been working with Dr. Richardson for 10 years and I know him well to be able to expand his career in a wider scope. He has proved us with his skills and ability during his career here and I believe he can be an ideal candidate for BCD University.

During his career with us, he has contributed to the improvement quality of our university community. He shared his knowledge especially in research field and encouraged us to be more active in doing research based on our respective specialty. He also actively held the seminar regarding the importance of research to the students, staffs, and lecturers. Shortly, our university has our reputable research journal under his assistance.

Dr. Richardson has also shown his passion in his teaching work and he is a well-liked figure by everyone in the university community, from students to lecturers. Not only in academic, Dr. Richardson always reminds the students to work on the actions and attitude and he is a good role model in as he is a respectful figure who is able to blend with everyone. He does not only improve the academic quality but also the students’ character and we are proud of working with him in the past 10 years. If you have further questions, you can contact me at 123-345-567.



Dr. Oliver Johnson

Hopefully the dean recommendation letter above can help you in getting more ideas and start writing one.


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