Firefighter Recommendation Letter You Can Implement

If you want to get a higher position in a workplace, it is suggested to make a recommendation letter. For a firefighter position generally can be written by anyone, but there is a big possibility for the applicant being accepted if the letter written by the official firefighter who is still active in the department. Here is a simple guide about a firefighter recommendation letter along with the example.


What Qualities Make You To Be A Good Firefighter?

There are several requirements to make you look perfectly suitable for being a firefighter. These aspects also can help you in the duty where firefighters usually approach a difficult condition in between mind the fire problem or the victim’s morale circumstances (if there is any victim in the incident). The main traits that should firefighter have are good communication skills, teamwork, and physical fitness.

What Makes Those Aspects Important?

Obviously, a good firefighter always pays attention to their physical condition because this duty forces them to handle a condition that results in them exhausting. And also the duty relies on the teamwork that happens at that time being. Great teamwork play can make the duty work effectively and as much as possible minimize the loss of the incident. This teamwork usually supported by an intensive communication skill where the team play always up into the quick code or conversation in an emergency situation.

How To Write A Good Firefighter Recommendation Letter?

Honestly tell about the good traits owned by the person you recommend in the letter. State your opinion in a polite way and good language where you mention all the positive aspects of the person along with the evidence to support your letter to look convincing. In the last paragraph, emphasize your message by convey the recommendation of this letter and tell the reason why.

An Example Of A Firefighter Recommendation Letter

Dear Fire Chief,

Along with this letter, I would like to inform you about my recommendation for Han Finnete to be an official firefighter. We both know that his hustle in serving the fire department for the last 2 years made him worth the position. I witnessed him since the beginning where he constantly being a volunteer that always show his dedication, moreover he has a good trait where he can calmly handle fire and medical emergency without any mistakes. I believe he would be a prominent force in our department.

Han is certified with the EMT-P paramedic and Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) which required in the requirement of being an official firefighter. He has two years’ experience in managing emergency medical treatment to victims in a disaster. He passed vision and hearing tests along with a criminal background check. It is obvious and I think that he already well-prepared for the written exam.

It is my pleasure to recommend Han Finnete for a position in the official firefighter team with this department. I can guarantee him that he would be a great help to this team since I was known him for many years which always shows good integrity and dedication toward something. If you want to discuss this further, do not hesitate to call me at (123)-1231234 or at


Weasley N. Neutron,
Firefighter 13th Precinct
City Fire Department

Hope this article can be a good help for your need in understanding this firefighter recommendation letter better. Do not hesitate to edit the example based on your needs. Good luck!




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