What, Why and How to: High School Teacher Recommendation Letter

As a teacher, there will be a time you need to move from your current school. To move to a new school is not an easy thing. There are many candidates that will apply to the same school as the one you choose. You will need a high school teacher recommendation letter. You may ask it from your principal, vice principal, professor, department head, or sponsor teacher. Here is some information that you might need about it.

What is the Content of a Good Teaching Recommendation Letter?

Here is a brief formula of how it should be:

  1. Letter Heading (the date, full name, title, school name, street address, city, state, Zip Code).
  2. Introduction paragraph (salutation, the purpose of the letter, the name of the applicant).
  3. Body paragraphs (minimal 2 paragraphs highlighting the applicant’s skills).
  4. Closing paragraph (Conclusion, contact information, your name and position, signature).

What are the Do’s and Don’ts in Teacher Recommendation Letter?

  1. Give many details as possible about the applicant’s skills.
  2. Highlight about the skills that match the school’s requirements.
  3. Don’t mention any negative traits about the applicant.
  4. Make it sounds professional and formal.

A good Reference of Recommendation Letter for Teacher:

Dear Principal Watson,

I am writing this letter to give my recommendation of Mrs. Lucy Hopkins for the position of French teacher at Dream High School. She has been teaching at Boston High School for five years and none of once I have ever heard about her making a mistake during those times. If only she does not have to follow her husband to move to Virginia, I will keep her forever under my management. Her positive characters and teaching skills makes me sincerely willing to write this letter on her behalf.

Mrs. Hopkins graduated from a top notch college in Boston and had her first experience to teach at Boston High. What made me accepted her application right away was her outstanding academic skills and her organization experiences. She brought a new teaching environment with her fresh ideas. She started French Week. An event when the students had the opportunity to speak and learn about French culture. Although at first many students were skeptical about it, she pushed them to learn about French in a fun way by playing games and watching some interesting videos about French culture and history from a good YouTube Channel. After that, all of the students always wait for this annual event to be held again. That was also the reason of why she has become the most favorite teacher of the year for three times. Her magnificent idea inspired the other teachers to do the same thing: fun learning and teaching.

Mrs. Hopkins has a great relation with other school institution in inside and outside Boston. She always knows about the latest information about curriculum, teaching media, and competitions held around the world. She always informs us about it—even though it is not about the subject she is teaching. Just last year we had one of our students to win a French short story writing contest.

I highly recommend Mrs. Hopkins as the new French teacher at Dream High as the facts I stated above. I am sure she will bring fresh ideas and make a new teaching and learning environment. For further information regarding to this recommendation letter, please contact (678) 910-112 or sent an email at bostonhigh.edu.com.

Thank you for your consideration.



Samantha Hughes

School Principal

Boston High School


That information above will give you an idea about how to make your own recommendation letter for high school teacher. Hope that it can help you well. Good luck!


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