The Steps, Tips, and Samples: Farewell Job Letter

There will be a time when you have to say goodbye to your coworkers. You have already written a resignation letter to your superior, but how about the other coworkers? How do you inform them that you leaving the company? That is the right time for you need to write a farewell job letter. The purpose of this letter is to tell your colleagues about your resignation and thanking them for all the supports and time you spent together in the company. Here you will learn about the steps, the tips, and the example of it.

The Steps of Making a Good Farewell Letter to Your Coworkers:

  1. State your name and position in your company as the writer of the letter.
  2. Salutation to whom you send the letter to. It can be for your superiors, coworkers, or just exclusively for your team coworkers.
  3. Write the purpose of farewell job letter in the first paragraph.
  4. Mention the date you officially leave your company.
  5. Express your appreciation to their support while you were working there.
  6. Add your contact (phone/email/social media).
  7. Close the letter by offering them your best wishes.
  8. Don’t forget to add your signature.
  9. Proofread if needed.

Here are Some Tips on How to Make a Good Farewell Job Letter:

  1. Make it short and simple.
  2. Maintain your relationship with your coworkers. Keep it respectful so they can respect you too.
  3. Add some details about what you have learnt, funny moments, what you have in common to show that you cherish the moments with them.

A Good Sample of Goodbye Letter for Your Coworkers

Here is a good example of a farewell job letter:

Isabel Jauquet

456 Uptown Road

Boston, AB 02108

January 17, 2021


Boston Communications, Inc.

456 High Spirit

Boston, AB 02108

To Everyone at Boston Communications:

I guess this is the time for me to let you know that I will be leaving my position as administration assistant at Boston Communications, Inc. My last day working here will be January 25, 2021. I will challenge myself to go in an entrepreneur world and open my own café.

I cannot put into the right words of how grateful I am to work with such a wonderful people here. It was the most amazing opportunities I have ever had in my life. Thank you for all the guidance, support, experience, moment, and time. This company will reach its top with you guys there. I will cherish and treasure every single moment when I was working there.

A new administrative assistant will be hired to fill my position. Hit me up at (777)-777-7777 or by my social media Isabel Jauquet (Facebook and Instagram). I will be waiting you guys to visit me on my new coffee shop. Let’s laugh and talk over there. I will give you a free coffee for each.

Once again, thanks and best luck for you all.


Isabel Jauquet

Those are some valuable information about farewell letter for a company. It can be your references to write a good farewell job letter. Good luck!


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