RFP Acceptance Letter to Improve Your Business

In the business world, it is a common thing for a company to make a request for parnerships. This company should create a business proposal with other companies. The business proposal can contain anything from offering a new product supplier, endorsement, or even a company merger. If your company gets a request for a partnership proposal, you need to reply to indicate that your company accepts the offering. Here are some references to write a professional and formal RFP acceptance letter.


What should an RCP contain?

Before accepting a request for a proposal, you need to make sure whether the proposal contains detailed information. Thus, you can review it carefully. First, check whether the proposal explains a brief summary of the company. Then, look at what kind of project they want to offer. Do not forget to see the blueprint of the plans and their timeline. The most important thing is that you need to make sure the prices that they offer will make sense for your company’s budgets. Examine the rules and policies which should give benefits for both companies, especially yours. The last is you need to do a personal background crosscheck from the contact information included in the proposal. If the proposal is completed, you can decide to agree by sending an RCP acceptance letter to their company.

When should I not accept the RFP?

Sometimes you feel that the Request for Proposal (RFP) addressed to your company is interesting. Then you are attracted to this offer and you want to accept it. However, you must be careful as not all the RFPs will suit your company’s goals. There are some reasons why you should not accept the RFP, such as offered business does not stick; the offered project cut your company’s margins; there is an indication of deception, they address the wrong mails to your employee, and they ruin the company’s sell ability.

How do I write a letter of proposal acceptance?

When you choose to agree with the business partnership proposal, you should write an RFP acceptance letter. It is a formal way to state your confirmation. To write this important business letter, you need to start with a statement that you accept the proposal. Then, provide crucial details concerning the acceptance. Include your contact information such as phone number or email, so they can discuss or arrange a meeting with you soon. Last, write a formal and polite expression which shows that you appreciate the partnership proposal.

RFP Acceptance Letter Example

Writing the letter of proposal acceptance is quite simple and brief. This is the following example that you can take as an inspiration.

Dear Ms. Andrea,

It is an honor to receive your business proposal request. I am writing this letter as an official confirmation to accept your proposal and I have already done the first draft. We at Pretty Girls Magazine expect for starting the process of a media partnership with Audrey Beauty for the sake of achieving our goals in the future.

I have attached the first draft of our proposal with this letter. Please kindly examine and decide if you are already pleased with the rules of our company. For further discussion or information, do not hesitate to contact me by phone at (777)-444-9995 or by email at jasminedawson@gmail.com. I look forward to continuing to work with you as soon as possible.

I value your initiative to start this partnership project. Hopefully, we are able to settle the set of rules which can be beneficial for both the companies. I foretell the massive results of Pretty Girls Magazine and Audrey Beauty related to our partnership project. Thank you so much for your deliberation in this matter.

Best regards,



Jasmine Dawson

Chief Executive of Pretty Girls Magazine


Shortly, that is all from us about the crucial tips and example of an RFP acceptance letter. Please feel free to use our example above.



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