Writing a Nomination Acceptance Letter Professionally (Sample Included)

Nominating an individual to fill in the position within a company is a big decision. It has to be taken seriously and accepted by all board members. The opposite side, it is a great opportunity for the nominee to get the chance for a certain position. If the nominee is accepting the opportunity, it is common for them to write a nomination acceptance letter in a professional way to show the interest.

Writing a Nomination Acceptance Letter

Start the letter by thanking the board members for the nomination straightaway. It has to be formal and sincere, not to sugar coat the situation but it is more to prove to them that you are thankful and ready to fill in the position. By acknowledging the opportunity given by the board members, you are displaying a gracious and professional attitude at workplace. To make it even better, the nomination acceptance letter should include with the information of concrete plans that the nominee has when s/he is receiving the position.

Sample of Nomination Acceptance Letter

Below is the sample of a nomination acceptance letter written by a teacher who is nominated to be a coach for English Debate Coach. In the letter, she shows her experiences and eagerness in filling the position as well as the plans she has for the debate club within the short and long term.

Dear Mrs. Atika,

Through this letter, I want to express my thankfulness for being nominated as a coach for our school debate club. As we have known, the debate club has a great reputation within the school and other schools as well and I am honored to be chosen as one of the coach candidates to replace Mr. Agung as the previous coach. I am also thankful for all board members who trust me for this position.

Receiving this position is not an easy task but I believe I can continue the legacy of Mr. Agung to bring the English debate club to be more competitive in the future. With my educational background and experience, I hope I can bring the positive contribution for the club and school as well.

I am excited to start the duty as the debate club coach and I have several plans for the English debate club for a short and long term. For a short term, I would like to reschedule the time for English debate club which is once a week to be twice a week to get maximum result and more practice for the students. I would also make use of my networking to give the students first-hand experience to practice the native speakers and the debate judge that has been judging for several years. I believe that by giving the students the real debate environment will boost the students’ motivation. For a long term, I wish to participate in several national and international debate competitions to give more experiences for them.

I still have more ideas for the improvement of the English debate club and I would be open to any feedbacks from the board members. Once again, I appreciate the opportunity given to me.



Etika Messya

We hope the nomination acceptance letter above can be as a reference for you to write your nomination letter and good luck for the next challenge in your career path.


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