Knowing More about VA Appeal Letter and How to Write It

Sometimes, it happens that veterans do not receive the disability benefits after they retired from their jobs. This situation allows the veterans to write VA appeal letter to claim their benefits and get the compensation they deserve after a long work period. Before submitting the letter, it is a good idea to find the information to whom your letter should be sent so it will get received and processed as it should be.


The Reasons why VA Appeal Letter Denied

It is a disappointing result to know that the disability claim is denied after the process of preparing and waiting for a while. You may question what are the reasons of the VA appeal letter get denied after a thorough preparation? Here are the answers.

No Medical Disability Diagnosis

While the main reason for veterans claiming a VA appeal letter is because of the current condition that disables them to work longer, which is dominated by the medical condition, many appeal letters are denied because veterans cannot provide a clear medical disability diagnosis during the active duty. It means they never go to the doctor to take care of their disability during the active working duty.

No Medical Disability Symptoms for Current Situation

Similar to previous reason, VA appeal letter will be denied if there is no disability symptoms in current condition. Although there is a disability diagnosis in the medical records but if there is no symptoms in current condition, the chance of getting the claim granted is very small. The worse the condition that veterans have added with the symptoms, the higher chance of getting the claim granted.

Writing a VA Appeal Letter

In writing an appeal letter to Veteran’s Administration, it has to brief but clear at the same time. Start the letter by expressing your intention and complete with your disability history and what caused it. Make sure to enclose the medical records. A VA appeal letter includes a Notice of Disagreement (NOD) that informs the VA’s decision date and the matter that veterans disagree with. Below is an example of a VA appeal letter.

Dear Mr. Josh,

I am writing this to letter to address the VA’s decision that denied my disability benefits request. I received the VA’s decision on March 13, 2015. In 2007, I was in active duty in Afghanistan and I was severely injured from an armed conflict with the revolutionarist group. Along with another soldier, I was a survivor from this brutal attack that took the lives of other 8 soldiers. We were attacked at night and I was unconscious because of the explosive bomb they launched to our area. Apparenly, I had lost some of my sight and hearing ability and I got shot in the shoulder.

Because of my condition, I was sent home and I have been receiving on going treatment from the physician, as well as psychiatrist. I constantly have nightmares and anxiety to be in public and I cannot handle bright lights as well as hearing loud noises and sirene. It gives me uneasy feeling and sometimes it is even hard to get up from the bed. All the information about my current condition is attached by a physician letter, along with the Notice of Disagreement (NOD) form regarding the VA’s decision. Thank you for the consideration.



Kirk Douglas

There is no clear format to send a VA appeal letter but it has to concise and genuine. Also, consider typing the letter instead of writing it.


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