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Things to Consider in Designing And Printing Cool Luggage Tag Template

Print products are not only used for business and school or college work. However, it is also used for personal souvenirs and accessories. Like the luggage tag template, one of them. You can print luggage tags for your travel needs. Keep in mind, the luggage tag works to make it easier for you to remember your suitcase or bag. In addition, this product also allows you to distinguish your luggage from other people’s luggage.

The luggage tag function

Simply put, the Luggage tag serves as an identification bag or briefcase when you want to travel far so as not to be confused with others.

But along with the development of the era and the public interest about this luggage tag, other than as an identification bag or suitcase because of its unique design with attractive color variants, luggage tags are now used as souvenirs and merchandise for the purposes of wedding souvenirs, tourism souvenirs, promotional souvenirs, birthday souvenirs, company souvenirs, events, campaigns, holidays, souvenirs, etc.

With affordable prices and durable quality as well as a unique and cool shape also to be used alone or distributed for injuries.

Design and print your cool luggage tag template

In designing and also printing luggage tag template, there are a few things you should pay attention to, including:

Use material that is not easily cracked

So that the luggage tag does not crack and fall when traveling, you should choose a strong material. There are various types of materials used to make this souvenir such as acrylic, fabric, leather, and wood. In addition to the basic materials that are sturdy, the part on the hanger must also be strong. If it is not strong enough, then the luggage tag will be vulnerable when it is placed in the trunk.

Avoid writing personal data

This is the most important part if you want to print attractive luggage tags. Avoid writing personal data on the luggage tag that you want to print. Just mention such as your full name, address, citizenship, telephone number, e-mail, and others. Maybe you are not aware that there are just fad people at the airport taking pictures or stealing your personal data that looks conspicuous on the luggage tag. If you want to make a luggage tag that is easily recognizable, it’s best to type your nickname or preferred image.

Choose your favorite design

To avoid writing personal data on luggage tags, you should use your favorite design. This is useful for distinguishing your suitcase from other people’s suitcases. The design used can be typography, design elements, patterns, photos, logos, to illustrations of your favorite characters. By choosing a design that is unique and according to your wishes, it makes it easier to distinguish suitcases and not be stolen by others.  

So, pay attention more to the things above before design and print your luggage tag template!

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