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Save the Date Templates to Send Official Pre-Wedding Notification

The use of save the date cards is very common today. This is a particular type of card that is not the actual invitation to a wedding. The card will act as a notification about the wedding which will include some basic information about it. It is easier to prepare the card by using one of the

Things to Know before Choosing Save the Date Templates

It is important to know everything about the so-called save the date cards before attempting to choose one of the save the date templates to use. Using the card improperly is not a good thing at all because it is related to a wedding. These are only a few of the important things about the use of save the date cards.

  1. What to Put in It?

The card itself is not an invitation so it will not include the same thing as an invitation. The most important pair of questions is the date and the general location of the wedding. The location should only include the city and state without the actual venue for the big day. If there is an URL for the wedding it should be included as well in the card for the guests to prepare for it.

  1. When to Send It?

The guests for the wedding must know the wedding as early as possible. It is getting much more important for those who lived away from the couples to arrange the wedding. So, the common time to send this kind of card is four to six months before the date of the wedding. The official invitation will then be sent in between two and one months before the wedding.

  1. Who Need to Get It?

The card is considered as a pre-invitation to the wedding. Yet, it should only be given to those who will be invited to the big day. In other words, the one given this save the date card will be given the invitation to the wedding as well later on. It is better to have an accurate list of guests to be invited to the wedding even before sending this card.

A few of the recommended choices of save the date templates include a photo card, a calendar card, and a simple and personalized card. It is advisable to pick the same design and style of the save the date card and the invitation following the theme of the wedding.

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