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The Simple and Common Format of White Paper Template

Have you ever heard the term white paper? If so, have you ever made a white paper template? Well, there are still many who do not understand a white paper, even though this is very important for a project. This article will explain in general terms the white paper and also a simple template example.

Get to know white paper in general

White Paper is a document that contains an explanation of a problem that a project wants to solve, a solution to that problem, as well as a detailed description of the project, it’s making, and its interactions with the user. The contents of each white paper must contain several important points, but not limited to:

Introduction, Disclaimer, Table of contents, Description of the market and the problem to be resolved, Product description of the project and how the product can solve the problem mentioned, Tokens, How the funds collected will be used, Who is the team behind the ICO project, and Project plan several years to front.

In short, the white paper explains the following three points: What problems will be resolved, How will the business solve these problems, and How the business will develop in the future.

Examples of attractive white paper template formats

One of the biggest challenges in the white paper creation process is the availability of templates or white paper formats. That is exactly what we have Addressed in this post with three simple templates.

Format 1

If your white paper topic is not intense over, you can use this template. But, you can not brush it’s important aside. It introduces or provides the challenge. Then, it also breaks down the challenge to be some smaller components and give some solutions to the challenge. Then, this template uses a case study of real-life for showing how a certain approach can greatly solve every problem.

Format 2

It is different from the first white paper template before where it defines the challenge. In this template, it starts with a certain approach having been identified as the solving of the challenge. Usually, a company will use such a template of white paper when realizing their approach’s tangible outcomes and also for announcing the market how the company gets there as the first one.

Format 3

This third template format of white paper is much more elaborative if it is compared with those two above. This one delves new trends taking the industry over and also how a certain organization gets the advantage. This template identifies a wide topic and the topic is very important for business for adopting them or falling of risk anytime. They see the future so far and create some bold predictions.

Those are the format examples of the white paper template. Try to apply one of them!

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