A Simple Example Of An Annual Appeal Letter

When you are planning to work on a non-profit organization, you might be familiar with the end-of-year donation. This is a request made by the non-profit organization to request solicit donations. To be professional with the event, you are required to write an annual appeal letter. If you are not familiar yet with this correspondence, on this page we will discuss in brief the sample of this letter.


How to Be Successful In Requesting Annual Donation?

Various non-profit organizations wait for the fall fundraising event because it gives better luck on revenue. However, it is never easy when you have to compete with other organizations. But you still beat your competitor with an outstanding annual appeal letter. Follow the tips below for an excellent letter.

Create A Great Impression

The first impression is everything. You can start with something interesting on the outside. Instead of writing a boring “Annual Appeal Letter” on the envelope, you can create meaningful vision such as “Learn How You Can Improve The Quality Of X School.” Both bring a personal and professional touch.

Tell A Story

Stories never fail to influence the reader. It acts like copywriting that influences someone to buy a product. An annual appeal letter can be quite tricky in that this is a professional letter, yet it has a personal touch. You can create an outstanding story by telling and focusing on the family or individual, not the person. Most donors prefer hearing the stories of a person instead of organizations. For example, you can highlight the struggles of kids in a school with a broken roof.

Add Pictures

Of course, no one will believe a story without valid proof. You need to add pictures to make it sound valid. Pictures tell millions of stories and can change someone’s mind.

It Is Always Donor-Centered

Stop focusing on your organization. Instead, tell them something that needs a donation because your target is how to make people feel touched. The organization doesn’t do anything, but acting like the media for the donators.

The Example Of Annual Appeal Letter

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Brown,

We would like to welcome you to our new school, ABC Elementary School. We are very grateful the building is surrounded by beautiful landscape and an excellent view which is great for the development of the children. However, we should be aware that kids sometimes are unaware of safety. Therefore, it is our responsibility to build a safe facility so they can grow and learn well.

In the early of January 2021, we are planning to build a simple and safe playground for children so we would like to invite you to contribute on annual donation. All the money will be used for students’ facilities and it will go into a special bank account.  We always make sure to keep everything transparent and clear.

Regarding this matter, we would like to invite you on Sunday, December 27, 2020, to discuss the donation and its usage in detail.

Once again, we are very grateful for your contribution to the development of this school.


Yours Sincerely



Edward Wood

The ABC Elementary School PTO Officers

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