Things to Include in Your Project Acceptance Letter

Not all of the business grants a full authority for an organization to complete a specific project. Several businesses prefer to divide the mega-project into a number of small projects that are intended to be done by various organizations instead of relying to one-and-only organization. This project then should be confirmed by the external organization by sending a project acceptance letter in order to act as a formal agreement between the two parties for legal purposes.

Sending a letter of project acceptance would be considered as a binding agreement that a certain project will be conducted by an organization. Therefore, this letter should accommodate some crucial parts that will be described below.

What to Include in The Letter

The project acceptance letter should contain the information of the beginning date and end date. This is crucial in order to know the period of collaboration between the two parties. Also, it should include where is the project will be taking place. Moreover, it is normally referring the contract that has been agreed by the two parties. The letter does not mention payment and cost information as that information is usually found in the contract that is referred to.

Why Should I Write This Letter

This letter provides general information and acknowledgment that certain projects have been accepted by an organization. Consequently, the employer which have the business does not offer it to the other organization as it has already been accepted by the organization that sent the letter. It is also used to certify a project as complete, in progress, or to be released.

How to Write the Project Acceptance Letter

Make sure you have thanked the employer and appreciate the opportunity which is granted to you or your organization. Next, certify that you have written the acceptance of the job offer by including several details such as the beginning date, ending date, and the place of the project. Consider discussing several terms and conditions in general in the letter.

To provide you with a better understanding to write a project acceptance letter, the following example should give you more insight into how to write it properly.

Dear Mrs. Jeanne,

I am writing this letter in order to accept the IT devices and support project offered by your company, DEF company. We have agreed that the provision and installation process will begin on September, 14th 2020 until September, 28th 2020.

This provision of IT devices and support will include the installation of Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance cameras, the installation of its software, and the network set-up linked to your internal security networking. As per our agreement, this project is related to the batch 2 enhancement of the security in your DEF company.

I understand that my technicians will be paid consistent with the terms and conditions set forth in the contract referred to in this letter which was dated September 11th, 2020, and signed by myself and Mrs. Straw, DEF company’s CEO.

On behalf of my technicians, I would like to express our limitless gratitude to you for selecting us for this project. It is in my best hope that the IT devices will add up the DEF company’s security.




Mr. Rodriguez Alaba

CEO of SecureIT Devices



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