Writing Business Resignation Letter Due to Health Reason

Having business partner relationships such as being the supplier partner, manufacturer partner, and service provider partner with a certain company is a great experience and asset. Possessing those relationships is as meaningful as a friendship, and other things that have positive energy. However, it is understandable and acceptable if you resign because of the limit of the health condition. In addition, all you need to do is writing a business resignation letter to maintain a good rapport between you and leaves positive impressions about you to the company you work for.


Is It OK to Resign for A Health Reason?

It is always understandable and acceptable to write a resignation letter for business due to health issues. However, the main matter is how to make it sounds professional and leaves a positive impression. You may opt to resign by providing a resignation letter if you do not want to interrupt the business with your personal health issues, which include routine check-ups, daily medical measures, to mention just a few.

How to Describe Your Health Reason

Your business resignation letter should mention the health reason you mainly employ for your resignation. Elaborate the condition of the health reason in a detailed manner. Also, put a brief note from your physician or medical treatment instance that treats your health matter. Explain them honestly and clearly without hyperbolic wording so that it is easy to be understood.

What to Write in Your Resignation Letter for Business?

Before writing your point, it is recommended to greet your business partner before expressing your intention to resign. Do not forget to put the effective date of your resignation. It is better if you plan your resignation and give a short period to settle everything up for your transition in your business resignation letter.

Then, write all of the health matters that prevent you to continue your professional business partner relationship. Explain the main factor that obstructs you to conduct normal work. For example, explain that you have to perform the routine dialysis in a select medical treatment instance. In addition, you may add up your physician note about your health that requires you to allocate much time to take a rest in order to minimize the adverse effect.

You can learn from the resignation letter for business below to give you more ideas about writing it professionally, appropriately, and clearly.


Business Resignation Letter Sample You May Use

Dear Mr. McTominay

I am writing this letter to you and the other business partners in order to inform you that I will resign from my professional business partner in the GHJ company office. Even though the good business conduct we work together is what I enjoy the most, perhaps you have already known that I suffer kidney failure, and it is getting worse in the recent months.

My last day as a partner in February, 2nd 2021, therefore I hope you receive my letter as my official resignation notice. Working with the GHJ company has been always a pleasure and worthwhile experience for me. I feel honored enough to be a part of this worthy professional business partner.

I apologize for every inconvenience that my resignation could cause to the GHJ company office. I will be very pleased to set the time to meet with you to do the required administration things to smoothen the transition. Feel free to call me at (123)-786786 or send me an email at george@email.com at your convenience. Looking forward to from you on this matter.


Yours faithfully,


George S. Weah




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