Easy Guideline Customer Service Apology Letter And The Guideline To Create It

As a customer service, it is very essential to provide the best service to the customers. But, there is a chance when you make a mistake. That is why we suggest you make a customer service apology letter in order to have a better performance in your workplace. If you are interested to make your own one, this article will surely provide an easy guideline for you. Check the explanation of this letter below.


What Steps You Should Take To Apologize Professionally?

Some steps you must know once you want to make an apology letter for your customer have been provided by us below. You can take a note if you think it is necessary.

Saying Sorry

The first step is you have to say sorry to your customer and mean it. This is really crucial because you never know how hurt you made toward your customer. Also, you can put a brief phrase to summarize your feelings.

Show Your Empathy

It is better if you are able to do this step. This will surely help the customer apology you easier because you can empathize with him/her condition for being treated not properly. You can also follow it up by admitting your action and willing to take responsibility.

Offer Amends (If Needed)

You are supposed to offer the amends if necessary in order to show your responsibility towards your customer. On the other hand, it is pretty important to make a promise to change, so there will be no bad treatment like this again in the future.

The Sample Of Customer Service Apology Letter

Here is the example that you can use as guidance to create your own apology letter.

Dear Mr. Barrack,


We, as named Home Art want to apologize profusely for our mistake we have done. In your last purchase from our team, you received a damaged statue and it is because we were not aware of the goods we sell. We would thank you for telling us about this.

You would receive your replacement statue on January, 30th 2021. We will send the receipt via email, so you can track down it accurately. If it has not arrived within that day, please feel free to contact us again as soon as possible. We are very sorry about the mistake, but regardless, we should able to handle this better with extra care in the future.

As our apology, we are sending you an extra coupon of 30% with no minimum purchase you can use for the next transaction. We hope this can go some way towards making amends.

Thank you for your patience and attention to make us grow and learn from this. We hope you will enjoy your goods and coupon.

Best regards,


Max Wilson

Manager of Home Art

All in all, this is the end of the customer service apology letter we have given above. We hoped this article can be helpful for you. Also, we hope the example can be useful guidance for you. Wish you all the best!



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