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Calculating Your Budget Easier

Doing different kinds of transactions are very usual that we do every day. Whether doing it by cash or by debit or credit card. In order to make these transactions organized, it is suggested to have your own note of budget. However, doing it manually will spend too much time you might use to do

What is Excel Budget Template?

Excel budget template is a template of Excel formulas you can use to organize your budget in a much easier and faster way. Instead of making the formulas on your own, you can download many variations of the templates on the internet. Not only for your personal budgeting per month but there are also kinds of Excel budget template for students, retirement, home, household, holiday, business, wedding, and other events.

What Is the Purpose of Excel Budget Template?

  1. Taking notes of the incomes and expenses.

Even though this might sound like a trivial thing to do but actually taking notes of these are very important, especially the expenses. By taking notes on and even keeping the bills every day, you can always remind yourself of how much you have spent in a period of time. To make your financial cycle better, this is important as well, other than planning and budgeting.

  1. Knowing which department you can cut off to save up.
    At the end of the week or month (depend on your preference), you will see your whole transaction for each department of your needs. For an example, when you download the Excel budget template, it requires you to fill the columns in foods, groceries, transportations, rent, health care, and credit card debts. You can see which department you spend your money the most and may plan over so you can save up or have investment.
  2. Having a personalized record of transactions.

How to Get Excel Budget Template?

  1. You have to ensure if you have the Excel program on your computer and it works well.
  2. Open a browser from your computer and type Excel budget template on the search column.
  3. You can also simply copy this site https://www.template.net/business/excel/free-excel-budget-templates/and paste it on your browser.
  4. After that, simply look at each template and pick one that you think suits your necessity the most.
  5. Download your chosen template and now you are a step ahead to pursue a more organized financial life.

Guidelines to Fill in the Excel Budget Template

  1. Open the Excel budget templateyou have downloaded before.
  2. Get familiar with all the columns you are going to use. This includes the position of which part you can note your incomes and expenses.
  3. Do experiments with a mock expense and income before you actually going to count your budget with the template.
  4. If your experiment works successfully, which means it meets your expectation, you can start filling the columns and rows in with your real budget.
  5. It is important to keep it updated daily to keep it well-organized and useful.
  6. Don’t forget to save it after you update the file.

Download Template

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