How To Write A School Board Resignation Letter Professionally?

Educational institutions such as schools certainly have school boards that are held by members for a certain period. However, several reasons may make you can not continue your work before your term ends. Some reasons such as moving house, deteriorating health condition, or other urgent matters may trigger you to resign. As a polite way of resigning, you better write a school board resignation letter to leave a more professional and polite impression.


What Tips Before Writing A Resignation Letter?

Before writing your resignation letter, you need to know a few important tips that will make your plan work. The following are tips that you can apply so that your resignation can go well:

Say Thank You

You need to say thank you to all members. You may have had an extraordinary experience that you will never forget while serving on the school board. Express gratitude sincerely in a short and clear statement.

Offer to Help

If your circumstances are still possible to offer assistance to the school, it’s better to do that. Offer transitional assistance with projects you still need to complete, or maybe some help for your replacement.

Briefly Explain The Point

Write your last day of work. Also, explain the detail of your resignation letter in a concise manner. Regarding the reason why you want to resign from your position. But remember that you have to keep it short and easy to understand.

What Are Elements Should Be Included?

Your school board resignation letter also contains some important elements that you should write, from greetings, gratitude, offers of help, last day of work, a polite and elegant closing. Write all these things in an appropriate and complete letter format. Use a business letter format so that your letter can look more elegant and professional.

Writing a resignation letter is very important because you can explain the reasons for resigning formally, so you can leave the position with a positive impression.

At the beginning of the paragraph, you can immediately reveal that you will be stepping back from the position along with the reasons you are leaving.

School Board Resignation Letter Sample

Now that you know some important tips and what you need to include in your resignation letter, you may need an example of an easy letter format.

Dear Mr. James,

I am writing to inform you that I will resign from my position on the board of XYZ School. As you know that I have had to move with my children since my wife passed away, moreover, my health condition has deteriorated in the last few months. I plan to move with my son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren in Chicago. There, I miss a fresher life by doing gardening and telling stories to my little grandchildren. My last day as a member of the school board will be on January 20, 2021. I appreciate your cooperation in my resignation.

I apologize if my resignation caused inconvenience to some parties, I also intend to complete several projects during my last two weeks of work. I am also available to assist my successor during the transition period. If you want to ask some questions regarding my resignation, please feel free to contact me at (444)-444-4444 or by email at

I have had ten wonderful years as a member of the school board with you and the rest of the members. I also feel honored to work together for one of this city’s favorite schools. Thank you for your attention.

Yours sincerely,


William Douglas

In short, a school board resignation letter can be the most polite and professional format before you are leaving your position. Hope our brief explanation and sample above can help you in writing your letter.



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