Why Is It Important To Write A Doctor Appointment Letter?

In business, appointment letters have a very important role, including for a doctor. Since many patients will have meetings with you, it is important to write professional appointments. You must pay attention to several aspects, so your letter is written in a good and elegant format. You can write your doctor appointment letter briefly and get to the point. In this article, we are going to talk about a brief explanation related to an appointment letter for a doctor.


Is it Important to Write an Appointment Letter?

It is very important to write an appointment letter in a business deal. Especially if your profession is a doctor. Your letter will be an official document that is addressed to certain patients to meet at the specified time and day. Appointments can make your work tidier and more organized.

Imagine if you don’t write an appointment letter, maybe several patients will come at the same time. That condition can affect your professionalism as a doctor. Having an appointment written in an official letter will also make the patient satisfied, so the reputation of your business will also increase. Besides, the letter also serves to remind patients of the appointments they have made.

How To Write A Good Appointment Letter?

To write a professional and elegant doctor appointment letter, you have to include several important aspects to make your letter look professional. Here are two aspects of what you should include in your appointment letter as a doctor:

Patient identity

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the identity of the patient, including name and address. You need to include it in the letter because the appointment letter cannot be general. Use polite language with a positive tone so that your letter looks professional. If the patient is a new member of your clinic, it is also important to offer a warm and elegant welcome.

Appointment Date

The main purpose of your letter is to remind the patient of the appointments that need to be made. Tell clearly and concisely in the letter about the specific time and what the patient should bring. In addition, it is also important to bring along patients’ history documents with their previous doctors.

Doctor Appointment Letter Example

Writing an appointment letter is very important to remind your patient. That way, there are no conflicting schedules and your work can run more smoothly. The following is an example of an appointment letter format as a doctor that you can use as a new perspective:

Dear Ms. Ginger,

We would like to welcome you and your family as Dr. David Flynn’s new patients. For information, Dr. David Flynn has practiced medicine for 20 years and is a highly accomplished and valued staff member. If you want to know a lot about Dr. David, you can visit it through the website www.abcfamilyclinic.com/drdavidflynn. We also invite you to contact our staff if you have any questions regarding schedules or other urgent matters.

Apart from that, we also remind you about your appointment with Dr. David which will be held on January 12, 2021, at 15.00. Please fill out the form we attach below and please bring them with you when you come to the office. In addition, you need to bring documents related to your medical history with your previous doctor.

We hope you can come to the office 15 minutes before the meeting time, hence we can learn a few things related to your documents and make a copy of the insurance card. Regarding the payment must be made on the day of the service provided.

Thank you for choosing Dr. David as the new doctor for your family. If you have any questions, please contact us at (777)-7777-777 or email us at abcfamilyclinc@email.com. Thank you for choosing our clinic.



Charles Bentley

Office Manager

ABC Family Clinic


Medical Release of Information Forms

Medical History Questionnaires

To sum up, it’s very important to write a doctor appointment letter for your business. It can help you to do your work professionally, so your patients will be satisfied and your clinic reputation can increase well.


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