The Easy Way To Write An Apology Letter

When you do a mess in any way, the wise step you have to do is to apologize, especially if you do bad things in the business world. It is important for you to apologize immediately, both verbally and in writing. For example, if you provide a bad service to customers, you can write an apology letter in a professional format. As with any important letter, your letter must also be written in a business letter format.


Why Should I Write A Letter of Apology?

Apologizing is a wise thing some people can take. Acknowledge your mistakes politely and apologize for shows that you have taken a mature step in resolving the problem. Instead of letting the problem drag on, it is better to end it peacefully by writing a letter of apology.

Choose the most appropriate time and way to apologize. The following are tips you can apply to make your apology letter more acceptable:

Apologize Immediately After Making A Mistake

By immediately submitting an apology, it shows that you truly regret the mistakes you have made. It will make the customer or whoever is easy to accept the mistakes you have made.

Give Reasons If Necessary

You may choose to just apologize without including a reason, but you need to rectify what mistake you have made, so you decide to write an apology. Be sincere and concise to write your letter.

Keeping Promises

When you have decided to apologize, then you must also commit to not repeating it in the future. It will make other people believe in you that you sincerely apologize.

How To Write A Letter of Apology?

Here are some elements you should include in writing your letter of apology:

  • Express That You Are Regret. The first thing you need to write about is regret. Express that you are sorry for wrongdoing the person you harmed, especially if he or she is a customer of your business.
  • Briefly describe the error. Focus on apologies and don’t speak up for mistakes.
  • Express your solutions to fix mistakes and make sure you will not repeat the mistake in the future.

Apology Letter Sample

After understanding some tips and elements above, now your time to write a good letter of apology. Here is a sample of a letter apology that addressed to a business customer:

Dear Ms. Laurent,

I want to apologize for the bad service you received while visiting Women Fashion two days ago. I did not think that one of our staff named Julie gave such bad service to you as a customer. Even though our mission is to make customers feel happy and respected, so when you make a complaint about Julie’s service, I feel very sad.

I have reprimanded Julie and put her on probation and make sure something similar wouldn’t happen in the future. I have also held a meeting to create stricter regulations for our staff, especially in providing services to all customers. There is no excuse for bad service for you. I hope you are willing to forgive us and not give up on shopping at Women Fashion. I have attached a 30 percent discount coupon with this letter as an apology. Please accept and consider our shop to be your destination for shopping.

If you need my help in person, you can ask for it at the shop. I will be happy to help you, there are many new clothes and imported accessories that you can choose from. I hope we can make you forget the incident the other day, thank you for your understanding.





Jennifer Parker


All in all, there are several types of apology letter which depend on the mistake you have made. Hope it can help you to get a new insight by reading our explanation and sample above.




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