Tips To Write An Outstanding Interview Acceptance Letter

Call for a job interview or other related matters must be replied to professionally. That way, the interviewer will know that you are indeed willing to come to the interview location at the specified hours and days. This letter is also a good solution if you live in a distant city with an interview location. Also, do not include unnecessary things that you have described on your resume, so your interview acceptance letter can be more professional.


What Are Tips To Write A Letter of Interview Acceptance?

You need to pay attention to several aspects before writing a letter in a business format, especially if it concerns your future work. When you get an invitation for an interview, you can write a letter of willingness to come up with an elegant format. Here are the elements that you should pay attention to before starting to write an interview acceptance letter:

Avoid wordy writing

The letter you write must be concise and clear. Say thank you but don’t be overdo. You also do not need to discuss your qualifications in this letter, as this has been conveyed by you on your resume. In addition, your qualifications and achievements will be asked during the interview.

Be Polite And Positive

Being polite and humble is a great attitude in any situation, including when you’re writing a letter to accept an interview. Express that you are happy for the opportunity to be interviewed by the institution.

Correct it Carefully

The next thing that is no less important is to check your grammar and spelling in the letter. Make sure that your letter looks correct and professional. Correct it carefully before you finally close the letter.

What Is The Format of My Letter Acceptance?

The letter you write must be written in a business letter format, like any other important letter. Some elements that you should write in the letter include the time, date, and place of the interview. This will avoid misunderstandings and all parties can agree on what you have written.

Your letter should be written in a concise format and not contain other non-essential information such as your qualifications, or certain things that you should mention during the interview. End the letter with contact information, so the interviewer can contact you if there is a schedule change or other urgent matter in the future.

Interview Acceptance Letter Sample

After knowing some important aspects above, now you can write a letter of acceptance. Here is a brief sample that you can use as inspiration:


Dear Mr. Walter,

I got a notification via email from your Human Resources Department about an interview call yesterday, so I am writing this letter to officially inform you that I accept your interview offer to become the sales manager of your company.

I am very pleased to have received this notification, I am sure to attend the interview which will be held on January 13, 2021. Your company is a well-known company that has a high reputation in this country, I am very excited to join your company and will do my best.

If you have any questions or want to contact me, please feel free to call me at (999)-9999-999 or email me at Thank you for the great opportunity.



Larry Brown

That’s all our short explanation and example of an interview acceptance letter. Hope it can help you in writing your letter format.


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