Temporary Resignation Letter And The Example

If you ever think to do temporary resignation, make sure you think about it carefully. By doing a temporary resignation, you can take a break from your job due to maternity leave, needs regarding your health or so. It is suggested to create a temporary resignation letter, so your company knows your current situation. To get further information, you can read the explanation we have provided below.


Does It Acceptable To Resign Immediately?

When you are in an urgent situation and you want to do a temporary resignation, we recommend you to not do it immediately. It is suggested to notify your supervisor at least two weeks before resigning. This can help your supervisor to process and transfer your unfinished work better to others.

Can My Temporary Resignation Letter Be Rejected?

Once you apply your resignation letter to the supervisor, it does not mean the letter will be accepted directly by them. This can happen because you apply the resignation immediately. Your resignation can be rejected because your reason is unclear or illogical.

How To Write A Proper Temporary Resignation Letter?

Before you write your own resignation letter, it is recommended to read this part carefully. You can take a note if you feel some parts are important for you. Check it below.

Keep Your Letter Short

By considering this part, you can understand better what you want to write inside your letter. It is suggested to make it as short as possible, yet clear and understandable. An ideal resignation letter covers one to two pages. This is the basic format you can use, but it is okay if you add more pages.

Mind Your Language

If you want to write this letter properly, we recommend you to ensure you check your letter before sending it. Checking your spelling, grammar, and also your dictation in your letter can be a way to prevent any problems that may occur in the future.

Add Your Reasons And Willingness

State your reasons in the detail part. This can help your supervisor knows your condition better. Also, do not forget to show your willingness and thankfulness for things you have got from the company.

Temporary Resignation Letter Example

Below is an example of the resignation letter you can implement. Feel change some parts as much as you want.

Dear Ms. Janet,


I would like to confirm my temporary resignation. As you may know, I have worked as the production manager at Home Care Technology, and now I am taking this leave to take care of my son, who just had an accident a few days ago. I will spend this time keeping him safe and comfortable until he recovers. Once he gets well, I will return to work as soon as possible. My last day of work will be January 10th, 2021, so this letter is my fourteen days’ notice before my temporary resignation.

Before I leave temporarily, I will try to finish the current projects or reschedule them appropriately in hopes I can continue it with as minimal as I could when I return. If you need any matters about the work, feel free to contact me at your convenience at (123)-123-444 or angelaswan@gmail.com.

Though I regret causing any stress to the company, I do appreciate the opportunities you have provided in this company. I wish Home Care Technology continued success in the future. Thank you for the patience you have been given during my time here.

Yours sincerely,


Angela Swan

Production Manager

Home Care Technology


All in all, this is the end of the temporary resignation letter. We hope it is useful for you to write your own letter. Good luck!




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