Tips And Guide Of Board Resignation Letter You Can Implement

Taking leave for a moment can be a good opportunity for you. But, make sure you know the risks you should take once you return. Regardless of any reason due to your resignation, it is recommended to make a board resignation letter. This letter mostly is addressed to the board chairman. If you are interested to write this letter, then you can read the information below.


Does A Board Resignation Letter Appropriate To Be Sent Through Email?

Since you are a worker, it is better for you to notify your chairman about your resignation. However, if you want to resign from your board, it is better for you to do it in person. But, if you are not able to do it, you can send your letter by phone or email. Keep in your mind that sending it via phone or email only works as an alternative because it is not good etiquette to resign from a board.

What To Include In A Board Resignation Letter?

Since this part is very essential, we recommend you to take a look at this part carefully. Take a note if you think it is necessary.

Ensure Your Letter Understandable

A good resignation letter must have short, yet clear statements in it. Also, it has clarity and coherence, so your chairman will not feel confused with your sentences.

Explain Your Reasons

Before you resign from your job, it is better to tell your chairman about the reasons for your leaving. Put this on as the details of your letter.

Provide Other Details

In this part, we suggest you show your thankfulness and offer them help if necessary. By thanking and offering help to your broad, you have shown your professionalism to them.

The Sample Of Board Resignation Letter

Below is an example of the resignation letter you can implement. Feel change some parts as much as you want.

Dear Chairman Kim,


It has been an honor for me to work on the Home Council Board as a manager. You have good leadership and given me so much learned during my time here. However, I have decided to resign from my position effective December, 1st 2020. I feel it is the best choice since I cannot manage my personal life and keep up with others.

It is with mixed emotions that I leave this board as it has become close to my heart over the last three years. I want you to know that my departure is not specifically to anyone on this board, but because of my extremely panic attack and tight schedules from time to time.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to bring my personal passion to the board. Yet, with the remaining time here, I would be happy to do everything to help the Home Council Board achieve success. Please contact me on my phone at 44-4444-4444 anytime in the near or distant future with any questions or comments you need.



Laura Maury


In conclusion, this board resignation letter is hoped to be helpful for you in writing your own letter. You can surely edit the example provided above!




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