4+ HTML Page Template Sample


Making Website Documents By Using HTML Page Template Sample


The developers of the website must be familiar with the term HTML page template. It is how they can add the contents of the site. Here’s the HTML Page Template Sample you can use.

HTML is Hypertext Markup Language which has the function to create ordinary or electronic documents called pages. The pages are displayed on the hosting account of the website, which can be accessed by the users of the World Wide Web (WWW). The web page that the users’ access is texted by using the HTML code. You can use an HTML page template sample if you’re not sure about that.


The Code in The HTML Page Template Sample

The Code of HTML can be used to format the text correctly. The images you put on your website are also written using the HTML codes. This code is critical since the browser could only read the code in order to display the text as the key to load the images or other things.

The HTML can be considered as the structure of a web page. Here’s how to sample HTML page templates using code, it’s time for you to practice them.

1. Using Notepad in creating an HTML page template sample

Try to create your HTML page by using the Notepad in writing the HTML code. Notepad is one of the pure text editors that can be used by many people. Just follow the steps to start your HTML page by using this text editor.

  • Open Notepad on your computer
  • Then, write some HTML into Notepad.
  • The way you write is like the example:
  • You can change the phrase “My First Heading,” “My First Paragraph” by other words you want to type on your HTML page template
  • Then, save them
  • You need to name the file by using the index.htm
  • You can use the file extension, such as .html, which is the same.
  • After you save it, you can view the HTML Page in the browser by double-clicking on the file and click “Open With.”
  • Your written phrases are displayed on the page
  • After you are a success doing the steps, you can repeat them and write what you want on your hosting account.

2. HTML Page Template And CSS

Some people agree that HTML is the structure. CSS is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheets which is a website cover. To create your HTML Page Template Sample, you need to determine the fonts, colors, spacing, backgrounds, and many more.


This CSS defines those items. These two elements of the website are connected firmly to the display of the site you have. You need to master how to use them in making up the website you have.

After knowing the elements of the HTML page template sample, you can create your website and make it up. Or, you can download this template on the internet and follow the instructions.






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